Word-2-Text converts closed or cryptic document formats, like Microsoft Word® DOCX and DOC documents, into plain text files.

Only a few apps can open specific file formats, and most of them just display the content without giving the possibility to edit it. With Word-2-Text you can extract the content as plain text and transfer it directly to any app, save it to a new format or print it.

The text extraction from complex HTML documents (e.g. from web pages) and the import of text files from old or less common computer systems can be achieved with Word-2-Text.

In addition, a comparison function makes changes in different document versions visible.

*** Supported input formats ***

- Microsoft Word® DOCX (MS-DOCX Word Extensions to the Office Open XML .docx File Format). The current default document format for all Microsoft Word® versions from Word 2008 for Macintosh and Word 2007 for Windows.

- Microsoft Word® DOC (MS-DOC Word .doc Binary File Format; Word-97-2004-Document). The document format compatible with Word 98 to Word 2004 for Macintosh and Word 97 to Word 2003 for Windows.

- Rich Text Format (RTF) in all versions and from all platforms. Also the extended RTFD format of the Apple Macintosh is converted.

- Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) in all versions and from all platforms. Text is also extracted from complex documents with many tags and scripting.

- EPUB e-books that are not protected by a DRM system.

- Text documents (TXT) in all possible combinations of coding tables and line break definitions. For example, UTF-16, UTF-8 with and without BOM and various Mac, ISO and Windows formats.

*** Output options ***

- Text documents (TXT) with universal UTF-8 text for all modern platforms, UTF-16 (for example, for Microsoft Word for Macintosh), Windows Legacy (as for Notepad) or Macintosh Legacy for Mac OS before system X.

- Markdown text files (TXT) with a minimal marking set, when text styles from RTF or HTML files should be preserved.

- Rich Text Format (RTF) compatible with Macintosh, Windows and Linux.

- Pure HTML with minimal tag output (for example, for use with Wordpress or Typo3).

- PDF documents with pagination including many output options and preview (WYSIWYG).

- EPUB e-book with cover image and meta-information (title, language, author etc).

- Direct printing with AirPrint™.

- Text export via clipboard, text e-mails, e-mail attachments, SMS, iMessage or directly to Twitter or other apps.

*** Special features ***

- Compare imported texts and quickly recognize changes: The "Compare" function results in a complete document, in which the changes are color-coded. The "Differences" function only outputs the changes in its direct context.

- Data recovery: Reads many corrupted files which cannot be opened with Word anymore.

- Opens documents directly from e-mail attachments or other apps.

- Direct access to many cloud services (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive), to hosted or self driven ownCloud and WebDAV installations and local device storage.

- Keep headers, footers, footnotes, endnotes, and comments from Word documents: Text formattings, images and other options that can not be displayed with plain text, are naturally getting lost with the conversion. Whenever possible, tags will be used to reproduce the structure of the source document.

- Variable font size by "pinching".

*** You also want to edit the converted texts? ***

We recommend the powerful text editor Textkraft, which is available for iPad or iPhone and Apple Watch. Textkraft Pocket and Textkraft Professional have Word-2-Text directly included!


Versione 2.2

- Supports Apple's data protection feature on enabled devices
- Google Drive: The connection uses a new, more secure substructure
- Google Drive: More than 100 files per folder possible
- MS OneDrive: We now use the iCloud integration w/o native interface
- Dropbox & Box: Use the native interface or the iCloud integration
- Optimizations for iOS 12
- Better support for all new iPad and iPhone models
- Several minor bug fixes

Valutazioni e recensioni

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1 valutazione

1 valutazione

Steven Luotto ,

Great little program

Just what I needed, works great

risteno ,

Prima impressione

Quello che viene descritto lo fa, nulla da eccepire, prende un file.doc (anche da Dropbox) e consente di aprirlo come txt, con altra applicazione, ......mi sarebbe molto piaciuto però aprirlo con questa stessa app, modificarlo e ritrovarlo come file.doc modificato di nuovo in non ci sono riuscito...!.....però ho un file.txt modificato....!.....che dire ?...qualsiasi suggerimento è ben accetto..!

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