◉ "The Best TaskPaper app for iOS" — Macdrifter
◉ "Excellent Task Manager"— Cult of Mac
◉ “Taskmator, a powerful TaskPaper client for iPhone and iPad, has received full Reminders Integration” — Federico Viticci, MacStories
◉ "Taskmator is really neat and great" —Merlin Mann
◉ "I love using the TaskPaper format, with TaskPaper on Mac and Taskmator on iOS" —Brett Terpstra

Taskmator ( Next-Generation of renowned task management app called TaskPaper ) takes full advantage of iOS technologies, gives you speedy, powerful tools that let you more productive.

• Based on the open source code of TaskPaper for iOS.
• Type your lists into Taskmator and each line is quickly formatted into a Project, Task, or Note.
• Apple Reminders Integration.
• Built-In Files App Integration.
• Local Notifications.
• Live Search with Saved Filters.
• Dropbox Sync API V2.
• Multiple Window, Split View Support for iPadOS.
• System Dark Mode.
• Touch ID/ Face ID support.
• Document Picker Support.
• Custom Task Symbol.
• Colored Tags, Tags Suggestion, Links Detections, Tag Formatting.
• Print with custom task symbol.
• Full Screen Mode. Scroll Headings to have more space.
• Organize notes, tasks, or projects by tags.
• Support Outlining. Drag & Drop items from another app and vice versa.
• UI elements respond to the cursor on iPadOS when connecting a mouse or trackpad.
• Statistics.
• TextExpander (TETouch Snippet Expansion) support.
• Re-use a file on a single tap. Little expensive method.
• Review all your projects using "Go to Project.." feature.
• URL Schemes.
• Customize extended keyboard keys, themes, dark mode, fonts, colors.
• Export file as PDF.
• Approx. 150 beautiful fonts are available.
• Total 9 app icons available.

If you have any questions/ suggestions/ issues related to Taskmator then please contact me via email ( or on twitter (@Taskmator).


Versione 5.35

->> Updated for iOS 13.4.1, iPadOS 13.4.1 via Xcode 11.4.1.
• System Dark mode. User can also turn OFF the option in Advanced Settings.
• Multiple Window Support for iPadOS.
• Added Keyboard Shortcuts for iPadOS.
• Show file extensions in files browser. Turn on the option "Show File Extensions" in Advanced Settings.
• Change App Icon. Total 9 icons. Fixed changing app icon on iPads.
• File Refresh on Active option removed.
• Touch Sensitivity of drag and drop changed.
• Files app browser available in Taskmator app will show only plain-text files, .taskpaper files, and .rtf files as active files.
• Passcode, Face ID popover now will be in full screen.
• UI elements respond to the cursor on iPadOS 13.4 when connecting a mouse or trackpad.
• Dropbox sync (for local docuements directory) enhancements.
• More keyboard shortcuts are added:
- Command + E: Exit Search Window (cursor should be on search view)
- Command + 4: Show Saved Search Window
- Command + 5: Show Links Window
- Control + A: Add Search To Saved Filters (cursor should be on search view)
- Control + F: Show Fonts & Colors Window
• Export and share file in PDF format.
• Delaying in uploading of cloud service provider files via document browser of files app is fixed.
• Lot of enhancements for dropbox sync:
-App will make background mode sync for last opened parent folder. Not going to collide with cloud service provider files even if files from cloud service provider is in opened or in closed state during background mode.
- Fixed an issue when an user was making lot of API calls which results in abusing dropbox api therefore affecting sync process. Fixed.
- Rigorous testing is done for dropbox sync even with empty nested folders and also in multiple windows. Covered all possible cases.
• Minor change in launchscreen image.
• Cut/ Copy/ Paste/ Select/ Select All/ etc. ( UIMenuItems) were not available during editing mode of an item. Fixed.
• Help Docs Updated. User can print help docs.
->> Minor Enhancements.

Have a wonderful time ahead!

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8 valutazioni

Pinoss ,

E ti porti Taskpaper su iOS

Fino a un po' di tempo fa l'applicazione per scrivere liste Taskpaper era sia su Mac che su iOS, poi è tornata ad essere solo per Mac. Quindi alcuni sviluppatori indipendenti hanno fatto la loro versione per iOS. Questa sembra la migliore. È veramente completa. Per chi scrive molte liste strutturate con indentazione. Unico difetto: si fa fatica a trascinare gli elementi fra i vari progetti e i vari livelli di indentazione.

Gxzfradsety ,


Come TaskPaper ma con alcune funzioni in più ,sincronizza senza problemi con Dropbox .
Se vi piace (e riuscite) a vivere senza allarmi e promemoria vari è l'ideale .

appmartini ,

La migliore

Inutili le imitazioni!
Questa è l'originale e la migliore


74.8 MB

Richiede iOS 12.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.



5,49 €


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