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Final Touch is a full-featured and professional audio post production system for iPad.

Combining maximizer, equalizer, 4-band compressor, stereo imager, reverb, and dithering into one integrated app, it gives your mixes a polished and professional sound.

Top-Notch Sound Quality
Building on Positive Grid’s expertise in DSP research and masterful integration of iOS vDSP double-precision architecture, Final Touch is a dedicated mastering system with superior data integrity and high-resolution processing capability. The result is a set of creative and professional tools that deliver masters that sound not just louder, but clearer, wider, fuller and more powerful and detailed.

Unequaled Control and Metering
All Final Touch’s modules (with the exception of the stereo imager and maximizer), can solo or bypass their left, right, mid, or side channel, and either mode’s two channels can be linked. Four high-resolution faders for left- and right-channel inputs and outputs are flanked by highly visible multi-colored ladder meters, fader and level readouts, and clip indicators. Faders can be linked, maintaining any previously created offsets. Global and module-based presets, transport controls, a waveform overview, undo and redo functions, and import and export facilities provide the ultimate in control and status monitoring.

The Pros Agree
"A freaking awesome audio production app!" - Rafa Sardina, 12-time Grammy Award-winning producer and engineer (credits include Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, and Beyonce).

"Solid, accurate, and accessible!" - German Villacorta, mastering engineer and owner of Dynamic Wave Studios (credits include Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, and Lynch Mob).

"Finally, the professional mastering app for iPad I have been waiting for! With a clear and intuitive interface, streamlined workflow, powerful effects, and full cloud support, this app makes professional mobile mastering a reality!” - Andrea Pejrolo, Assistant Chair of the Production Department at Berklee College of Music.

"I'm really digging the open top end of the EQ section and how the maximizer is gluing this mix together. This is a flexible, very cool audio app for modern musicians on the go." - Enrique Gonzalez Muller, Grammy Award-winning producer and engineer (credits include Nine Inch Nails, Dave Matthews Band, and Tina Turner).

Key Features:

• Complete professional audio post production system powered by Positive Grid’s high-end signal-processing algorithms
• Pre and post linear-phase equalizers, each offering eight bands and five filter types
• Multiband dynamics with four independent bands of compression/limiting
• Stereo imager adjusts the width and balance of your mix’s soundstage
• High-quality reverb provides lush, dense and authentic room, hall, and plate algorithms
• Maximizer transparently limits peaks to make your mix louder
• Dithering and noise-shaping preserve your mix’s depth and nuance
• Stereo and mid-side processing
• High-resolution, multi-colored metering with accurate readouts
• Each module can be independently bypassed
• Bypass switches for individual EQ bands
• Left, right, mid, and side channels can be independently soloed or bypassed
• Waveform overview of your mix, with draggable playback cursor
• 100 factory presets and unlimited user presets
• Global- and module-based presets
• Drag and drop modules to rearrange their order in the signal path
• Pristine, high-resolution sound (double-precision, 64-bit calculation)
• Unmatched audio-data integrity: no rounding or truncation except when calculations are performed
• Share via email, Dropbox, iTunes, SoundCloud, and FTP
• Streamlined project management: browse multiple projects with one simple tap
• Workflow optimized for mobile and desktop data transfers
• Supports Inter-App Audio and Audiobus routing system (and works with many other audio apps)

For more information, please visit:
Twitter: @PositiveGrid


Versione 1.1.13

Hi there,

Thank you for all your feedback! In this new update, we’ve updated the Audiobus SDK to the latest version for compatibility improvements. Also, Final Touch can now be inserted into the output slot in Audiobus 3!

Rock on!
The Positive Grid team

Valutazioni e recensioni

3,3 su 5
6 valutazioni

6 valutazioni

renixmatrix ,

Import wav

Could be really important on next update to be able to import wav file directly from iPad folder! Otherwise its very limited to use

Uguccioniluca8410 ,

Niente da fare

Mancano molte cose, un salva su documenti, un salva come mp3...; un editing della traccia tipo trim, eliminare i primi 2-3 secondi, poi inoltre sara il mio ipad pro 11 ma questa ė l'unica app che distorce anche mentre ascolto e abbasso il volume al minimo attivando il riverbero o altre volte si comporta in modo molto molto strano, in definitiva, nessun modo semplice di esportare se non su audio copy che ho gia e tra l'altro molto macchinosa come cosa e nin per niente pratica, perdo molto tempo,
Dal punto di vista del suono alla finenle tracce suonano meglio ma se continuo a sentire l una distorsione sotto anche a volume basso e situazioni uniche con volumi che cambiano da soli non si sa perche solo con questa app il lavoro diventa impossibile e cosi l'app del tutto inutile, direi che potrebbe essere discreta app gratuita ma non a pagamento, non li vale i soldi che ho speso, sicuramente voi sviluppatori ce l'avete messa tutta e avete fatto un lavorone, ma secondo me ė incompleto, e finche non aggiornate e sistemate tutte ste cose, una stella...

Gianni Pulli ,

Ottima App. Ma......

Unfortunately it doesn’t work with the wireless headphones, I mean that the sound comes through the speakers instead the headphones. Any suggestions?
Sfortunatamente non funziona col bluetooth e quindi non posso collegare le mie cuffie, cosa molto comoda per lavoraci. Mi piacerebbe che questo problema venisse risolto presto. Grazie

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