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What can iFont do?
iFont lets you install new fonts for use in apps which support creating content using custom fonts, such as Pages, Keynote or Numbers.

What can't iFont do?
iFont can't change the system font; work with the keyboard; or force apps to let you customise the font. iFont also can't make Comic Sans look good.

“Without iFont, writing my new book, ‘Ten Seconds To Consider’, would be an impossible task, given that I'm designing as I write. For my Pages documents to be consistent between macOS and iOS now is a game changer. Thank you for iFont!” — Daniel Klein, former Apple employee

iFont includes a wide range of features which let you install, compare, and view typefaces, including individual glyphs and technical details. These include:

Install your own fonts (.ttf, .ttc, .otf formats supported, as well as these formats compressed in a .zip) for use in other apps. Simply download a font in a web browser, open in iFont and follow the simple instructions to install it on your device. You can also export a copy of the font, or send the profile to a friend to let them install it, too. iFont can also open archives containing multiple fonts.

iFont lets you download and install a range of fonts from the Google Fonts library, Dafont and more (including custom sources) within the app. It couldn’t be easier to find a suitable typeface for your next leaflet, poster or financial report.

After discovering iFont a couple of years ago it has slotted happily into my professional workflow on the iPad Pro. It has a number of standout features which set it apart from the competition, and has been a great help in my client project work.

There’s also an appreciation of type heritage and design, with biographical information and rich technical detail on hand. Choosing the right type is made easier with the Notepad and Compare features. The ability to install multiple fonts at once is essential, saving time and allowing better management of your font library. Imported fonts are viewed as families allowing you to easily compare different weights and make the right choices. There’s also easy access to online type resources such as Google Fonts, which makes finding and installing them a breeze. Great if you’re in a hurry, or have no access to your own font library. — Martin Cleave, creative professional

Compare many different typefaces to see which will suit your intended use. Arial or Helvetica? Zapfino, Snell Roundhand or Savoye LET? Georgia, Iowan Old Style or Times New Roman? With Compare, you can be the judge!

The Notepad you find under each font lets you test it out and type a message, and then export it as an image to send in apps such as Messages. Add some character to your texts by using a font which stands out from the crowd!

See how a font looks at very small or very large point sizes easily using the Waterfall view. This lets you judge which size would be suitable for your use.

Zoom into a font up to 500%, allowing you to see the minute details in each character.

See information about each font, from the designer and trademark information to the spacing of the ascents and descents.

“Missing fonts on iOS is an issue of the past, thanks to apps like iFont… I hope you saw how easy it is to install fonts on iPhone or iPad and I suggest you give iFont a try.” — Michael Kummer, blogger

NOTE: iFont does not currently support .suit or .dfont files.

iFont is also fully optimised for iPad with a beautiful split view experience and a range of keyboard shortcuts.


Versione 10.5

Added a tutorial on uninstalling configuration profiles

Valutazioni e recensioni

4,1 su 5
82 valutazioni

82 valutazioni

GiadaC1 ,

Problemi ios14

Con l’aggiornamento su iPad i font risultano installati ma non compaiono nelle varie app. È necessario un aggiornamento o non saranno più disponibili con ios14?

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

I caratteri personalizzati sono ancora supportati su iOS 14. Tuttavia, le app devono essere aggiornate per continuare ad accedervi. Al momento alcune app non sono state aggiornate, il che potrebbe spiegare il problema che stai riscontrando.

MauBia1997 ,


Una gestione migliore delle gatecogire e dei singoli font non sarebbe male ma tutto sommato la app funziona egregiamente

Renderbob ,

Funziona ma...

L’app funziona, l’ho anche acquistata, l’unica pecca è che non fa vedere le anteprime di tutti i font, almeno quelli .ttf mentre quelli .otf quasi sempre si, avendo io una grande quantità di font .ttf sull’app files, mi da fastidio non poter vedere le anteprime, spero correggano presto.
Altra cosa che manca è la modalità dark.
Poi sarebbe da 5 stelle.

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