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You are definitely worth more than a selfie! We have created a place where you can finally have your date offers accepted and where being treated respectfully is the standard.


All photos are hidden until 5 minutes into your date. If you like each other then you'll probably want to stick around and see who you're talking to. If someone doesn't want to date you or can't commit to talking for at least five minutes then that's not your problem.

Your reputation matters. The way you treat others influences the way that others treat you. Sparks or no sparks you can have a great time meeting new people and respectfully be on your way. There's no toxic behaviour on our dating app because their low score will be exposed.

3) ONLY 5. AFTER 5. EVERY 5.
You get to choose 5 new picks every 5 hours to stop you from endlessly swiping. The longer you spend swiping the unhappier that it makes you! After 5 minutes you get to see their best photos and trust us, it will feel so much better when you already like them.

If you and your date both choose to speak again you get permanent access to each others' profiles!

There's never been an easier way to level up your dating skills during isolated times and have more engaging experiences with new people each time.

Because all photos are hidden you never know who you're about to go on a date with. By joining, you are taking part in the biggest experiment in dating app history!

INCINQ is the dating app for dating not facetune or filters. We can't wait for you to be yourself again and have someone like you for you.


Versione 1.1

Introducing Friends and Filters! Invite friends to start blind-dating using your unique invite code and we will reward you both with 5 star ratings, perfect for making a great first impression. Now, you can filter matches by age and location to help you find exactly who you’re looking for!

Privacy dell’app

Lo sviluppatore, INCINQ Labs, ha indicato che le procedure per la tutela della privacy dell’app potrebbero includere il trattamento dei dati descritto di seguito. Per ulteriori informazioni, consulta l’informativa sulla privacy dello sviluppatore.

Dati utilizzati per monitorarti

I seguenti dati possono essere utilizzati per monitorarti nelle app e nei siti web di proprietà di altre aziende:

  • Dati sull’utilizzo

Dati collegati a te

I seguenti dati possono essere raccolti e collegati alla tua identità:

  • Dati sull’utilizzo

Dati non collegati a te

I seguenti dati possono essere raccolti ma non vengono collegati alla tua identità:

  • Posizione
  • Informazioni di contatto
  • Identificativi
  • Informazioni sensibili
  • Diagnosi

Le procedure per la tutela della privacy possono variare, per esempio, in base alle funzioni che usi o alla tua età. Ulteriori informazioni


  • “In famiglia”

    Se “In famiglia” è stato attivato, fino a sei membri della famiglia potranno usare l’app.

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