"A great utility...its UI is awesome" – Dave Hamilton, Mac Geek Gab & The Mac Observer

Lingon is an easy to use utility that run things automatically on your Mac.

Lingon can start an app, a script or run a command automatically whenever you want it to. You can schedule it to run at a specific time, regularly or when something special happens.

Lingon can also make sure that an app or a script automatically restarts if it crashes. With Lingon you can also remove or change jobs created by other apps that uses the system function called "launchd".

Lingon can do all this for you and much more. And the system handles running the jobs in the background so you don't need to have Lingon open after you have saved your job.

Please note that Lingon 3 can only create and change jobs as the current user. For more advanced features check out Lingon X at the web site.

There are two main ways to use Lingon:

• Edit or delete an existing job (which e.g. another service has created):
- Select the job from the list that you want to edit
- Make the changes you need and choose Save, or choose Delete from the File menu
• Create a new job:
- Choose New from the File menu
- Give the job a unique name
- Decide what you want to run (e.g. a script, an app or a command) and either write the command under Run or use the Choose... button to find the script or app
- Choose when you want the it to run, e.g. if you want it to restart after a crash check the Keep running checkbox
- Choose Save & Load to save the job and load it


Versione 3.1.4

• Fixed a possible crash or problem when saving a job

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1 valutazione

a mac geek ,

unfortunately, i'm a bit disappointed

Ok, let's start with the nice part: the app works, and i didn't find bugs or had problems, but....

honestly, i'm really disappointed.. i've been a Lingon user for years, and now looks like i'm forced to upgrade to this appstore version because it's apparently the only version available reading on Lingon web page.. (we're lucky that sourceforge and google both still work nice) i can understand most of features i'm missing are driven by appstore restrictions (sandboxing, etc), but.. well, this Lingon 3 can do 20% of what lingon 2 could, and that was a free opensource app that suddenly became unlinked on lingon page, and so definitely harder to find, just to push users to get this new version.. (not so fair i'd say, but.. let's just skip this and go on)

the point here it's not the price, less than 3 € or $ is nearly nothing, i would have been happy to pay the same for lingon 2 or an updated version with the same capabilities and a new friendly GUI.. (that's what i expected: even if the description just says "an utility to run things automatically on your mac", that sentence applied perfectly to the old lingon too, and generally when you switch from a 2.x version to a 3.x you expect to get more features, or at least the same, certainly not a lot less.. for me, this became just a paid *downgrade* and nothing more, and i'm feeling a bit fooled now..

as i already said, the point is not money, is "upgrading" from an usefull free opensource app to a paid appstore app that does a lot less than it's previous version.. i guess we may thank the appstore trend, and developers going to appstore-only apps.. this is sooo sad, and will bring the mac platform to a lower level..

To Peter, the developer: Lingon 2 was a marvelous GUI for managing launchd plists, and i'll just pretend to have paid for that, but.. isn't there any way to re-enable a system-wide access to launchd plist files ? symlinking, or something.. (i already checked help, and the clipboard and terminal editing stuff on the help page, but.. wasn't this supposed to be an user friendly app? can't believe there is no way to automate that process.. if users have to play with terminal, they can just edit plists directly with a general text or plist editor..)

If you can't find an appstore-compliant way to bring Lingon at the level of it's previous version, please at least don't "fool" us (note: it's quoted) and change the name to "Lingon Lite", "Lingon Juice", or whatever, but definitely not "Lingon 3", because that will lead your old users to think they're going to get an upgrade to that loved app Lingon was, while they're getting something very different.. and they'll probably be disappoited too. I already re-installed 2.1.1

a final note: i tried to edit my previous review because at my first writing i couldn't find the 2.1.1 binary available outside of the appstore, but i just got a bunch of different errors so i had to re-write everything, so.. i'm sorry if this will appear twice, but this is the right review, not the other


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