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REACTION TIME GAME: How fast are you? How smart are you? Math Racer knows the answer! Compete for the fastest times against friends and family, stamp your initials on the high-score board for all to see. Seven games with four levels each for 28 separate high-score boards!

Math Racer is by far the fastest Math Speed Testing App on the App Store. Our simple interface removes all possible barriers between your brain and your reaction time. All times are measured to the hundredth of a second for even more fun.

What users are saying about Math ®:

• "An app game I actually use" - Kuto
• "This is an excellent tool I use in my classroom" - Ktoens
• "This is a really great concept" - MM38866
• "I love this app" - Asweetswweta

Each user can enter their own initials like in the arcades to keep track of high-scores and game details like exactly how long each problem took and which problems were missed. All user misses are tracked and organized to highlight areas for improvement.

Whether you are 99, 3+1 or 36/2 years old, there is a game and a level that will challenge your skills and push you to become faster than you ever thought you could be.

Math Racer... Race against TIME!

Special Note from the Architect:

I wanted to push the limits of human ability and find out how quickly people can answer 10 or 100 basic math problems if all barriers to that task are removed. Entering 91 on a number pad and pressing enter can take 2 seconds for many people. Writing the number 55 in pencil can take as long as 4 seconds for slower writers because of the strokes involved. Listening to a verbal question and verbalizing the answer 27 can take as long 4 seconds as well because of the four syllables.

When you add up these 2 to 4 second User-Interface delays over 100 problems, they can add 200 to 400 seconds to the total time required. It becomes quickly apparent that Math Tests do not test math calculation, memory or thinking abilities as much as they test handwriting, verbalization or keypad entry skills. We have shown that it is possible for a really fast thinker to answer 1 math problem every .9 seconds using Math Racer. In fact, Math ® is the only app in the app store that measures and records for viewing on the high score board detail view exactly how long it took the user to answer each question in hundredths of a second.

The purpose of this game is to even the playing field and test pure math calculation or memory skills alone. Nothing else ever invented for testing math speed even comes close. We think you'll agree. Please let us know your thoughts. We welcome any and all feedback that will help us make Math Racer even faster.

The world record in answering 100 Random Math Problems will likely be set on an iPhone 4 using Math ® in the next 12 months... Maybe YOU will set it!

Thank You.




Versione 3.2

-Bug fixes
-Support for latest iOS devices

Valutazioni e recensioni

4,3 su 5
21 valutazioni

21 valutazioni

Assietta ,

Rilassante e piacevole

Niente di straordinario, fare i conti (esattamente) nel più breve tempo possibile.
Ma piacevole e rilassante (e se ottieni buoni risultati... ti senti un genio).

Cc71477 ,


Incredibile come cambiano le performance del cervello la mattina o la sera dopo una pesante giornata di lavoro. Interfaccia molto semplice.

SnakeW79 ,

Stimola la mente

Un bel gioco che stimola la mente e le capacità matematiche di ognuno

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