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MathStudio Express, a full-featured scientific calculator with hundreds of mathematical functions that cover Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus, Statistics, Finite Math, Linear Algebra and Statistics.

"MathStudio is a natural for students and for engineers who occasionally need a comprehensive math program but don't need the full horsepower and daunting complexity of Mathematica or Maple. It's a huge leap from the usual calculator program for tablets and smartphones."
▸ IEEE Spectrum Review by Kenneth R. Foster

MathStudio is an indispensable tool for students, teachers, and engineers. It provides features comparable to TI calculators but with a modern and intuitive interface.

"I've been waiting for a program like this a long time on my iPhone or iPad, and somehow never found MathStudio until now. This is a phenomenal engineering application for the student or professional. It does it all... Solving equations, integrating, calculating derivatives, and graphing. I had a TI-92 calculator back in my college days that I used for years and dearly loved and this app blows it out of the water. The UI is extremely functional and intuitive to use. They include a really quick tutorial that gets you up and running quickly. This is the example app for the potential of a device like the iPhone or iPad. Superb!"
▸ Fantastic... It's a TI-92 on steroids by Dan Frame

Graph equations with speed and ease you never thought were possible! Move, rotate and pinch function, parametric, polar, implicit, contour, spherical, cylindrical, vector fields, fractals and image plots with amazing speed and accuracy. Use the T variable to create animated plots that graph in space and time! MathStudio is the first calculator to introduce time graphing when it was first released as SpaceTime in 2003 for Pocket PC.

"This is truly an amazing piece of software for the iPhone that could potentially render all the graphing calculators out-there obsolete! I was very impressed with all the graphing features (2D, 3D, 4D, etc) and the powerful CAS loaded with preprogrammed functions. MathStudio solves and displays complex expressions in a fashion that reminds me of my TI 92's 'pretty print' mode. I highly recommend this application to every college student and math enthusiast!"
▸ Dump your graphing calculator! by Syldaril

Plot lists of numerical data in scatter, histograms, box, and probability plots. MathStudio even includes an advanced regression analysis package, choose from several regression functions or create your own.

"I am so lucky to find this application! I will never use TI-89 again! And the price is unbelievable! And you can do scripts! TI-89 costs over 100 dollars. You can use this application instead! Too bad our professor doesn't let us use phones on the test. I will try to convince him by showing this application. MathStudio is well worth the money."
▸ Wow! by aurorae_borealis

MathStudio is powered by that fastest proprietary computer algebra system available on iOS that beautifully typesets your answers. Got a tough algebra equation to solve or polynomial to factor? Solve quadratic equations, systems of equations, limits, derivates, integrals, differential equations and much more. Create scripts in MathStudio's powerful programming language that supports variables, loops, and recursion.

"This application is simply amazing. I continue to be stunned by the speed and accuracy in which it solves/plots/does just about anything you could possibly need to do in math. I prefer it to computer math applications because you simply cannot beat the touch interface. This app has changed the way that I do math every day, and I highly recommend it to anyone who does math on a daily basis."
▸ Amazing by rationalresponse


Versione 8.0.2

Welcome to the new MathStudio Express! This version features many interface improvements.

Valutazioni e recensioni

4,8 su 5
13 valutazioni

13 valutazioni

Roccoc89 ,

Utile e intuitiva

Decisamente una delle applicazioni più utili dello store. In 5 anni di ingegneria è stata un grande aiuto, sempre a portata di mano, per la comprensione e l'approfondimento di molti aspetti dell'analisi matematica e dei dei segnali.
Complimenti agli sviluppatori davvero!

AppClick ,

Ottime potenzialità ma da migliorare

Il tastierino potrebbe essere migliorato, ad esempio inserendo già alcune funzioni comuni. Soprattutto é orribile da vedere x^3, fate in modo che il 3 risulti ad esponente (in apice, non con ^) e inserite la linea di frazione per scrivere equazioni fratte in maniera più semplice che con il /.
Altra cosa importante: sistemate la grafica perché sia adatta ad iOS 8 (un aggiornamento dopo 3 anni di immobilità sarebbe gradito). Grazie!

CaRnAgE_ ,

La migliore

Sicuramente è la migliore app sullo store del suo genere, ne ho provate tante e tutte messe insieme non hanno le funzioni che quest'applicazione mette a disposizione. È anche veloce e intuitiva, soldi davvero ben spesi!

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