By this App, you can interact with your intruder alarm system of the Honeywell series MB12, 561-MB24/48/100 in conjunction with the transmission devices DS 6750, DS 6700 or DS 7700. In standalone mode, the transmission devices can also be used without a connected panel.
So you can control your alarm system time- and location-independent via WLAN or GPRS / UMTS.

This App enables you to remote control your system, as well as arming or disarming it. Pre-configured inputs and outputs can also be controlled directly and a change of its states can be seen life in the App.
Via user-definable buttons in the App and macros in the panel, even very complex actions can be triggered quick and easy. Additionally, panel states and inputs can be visualized by free configurable, simulated LED status indicators.

Due to the simple, user-friendly interface and the familiar keypad emulation, you will find it very easy to get along with this application.

- One App can manage any number of panels
- 4 user groups per system definable for a flexible assignment of access rights
- AES encrypted communication
- Many possibilities for panel control activities over macros, triggered by buttons on the Apps button page
- Free configurable LED and button page

Brief description of operation:
- At the beginning, the user group has to be selected and the associated key for the panel connection has to be entered
- Now a name and the connection address (IP address or URL) must be entered
- After connecting to the panel, the pages to be displayed and an initial page can be selected
- These settings must be done once per system, but are changeable at any time via the configuration menu

- Alarm panel (MB-Secure, MB12, 561-MB24/48/100) equipped with DS 6750, DS 6700 (with V04.XX) or DS 7700 (with V06.XX)
- DS 6750, DS 6700 (V04.XX) or DS 7700 (V06.XX) as standalone device
- DS 6750/DS 6700/DS 7700 with Ethernet connection and access to WLAN or Internet
- iOS-Version 5.0 or later


Versione 1.15

- bug-fix / stability improvement


Novar GmbH
2.4 MB

Richiede iOS 7.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.


Inglese, Tedesco



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