mccPILOTLOG is a mobile companion for the main PC software program. The app allows you to log flights while away from home. Flight records are synched to the main PC database when you are back at home.

The app is developed for any kind of pilot, whether you drive the Boeing 787, you enjoy flying a Piper 28 Cherokee or gliders, or you serve oil rigs as a helicopter pilot...

Display local time, DST rules, sunrise/sunset, globe view for all 40,000 airfields that come with the app database. Get actual METAR/TAF weather reports, look-up any airfield on a map or calculate rhumb line and great-circle distance between 2 airfields.

mccPILOTLOG for iOS works off-line and does not require continuous internet connection. After logging a series of flights, all records are transferred to the main PC database via home or hotel wifi or 3G network. No hassle with cables, no special drivers to be installed.

The mobile app is not intended to be, and should not be used as, an independent logbook application, but only as a complementary mobile tool to the main PC program.

mccPILOTLOG logbook software is comprehensive PC program for MS Windows computers. The software runs also on Mac OS through Parallels Desktop or Bootcamp.

The PC software connects to your airline crew web portal (such as AIMS eCrews, Sabre FLiCA, Sabre CrewTrac, Sabre CWP Rocade, CatCrew, CrewDock) and transfers your planned flight roster to the iOS app. The software prints over 80 different reports and some 30 different EASA/FAA logbook formats.

You can free download the PC application from


Versione 4.5.3

- added a feature to export all Logbook tables as CSV files (on the Help screen). This file can be later imported into v5.2 desktop app.

Valutazioni e recensioni

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4 valutazioni

Mauro Bozzi ,

Dark theme

The app template doesnt work properly with the new dark theme

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

Hi Mauro! To further assist you on this, we had sent you an email via ticket #122273. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! #crewlounge

FreddieBoeing ,

Missing airfield and other records

Generally nice app to log daily flights. The design might be better and something could be fixed creating the daily use easier.
Aircrafts should be entered as well via the mobile app.
Unfortunately a very important feature is missing, the record of the airfields, route, passengers, like in the computer app. It would be nice to have something similar, even without maps.
Great job anyway, keep it up!

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

Hi Andrea!
We appreciate your kind words. We do try our best to deliver high-quality software and customer support.

To log a flight with an aircraft that is not (yet) listed in the mobile database, manually enter the AC Reg in the AC prompt. App displays New Aircraft when the registration is not recognized. Desktop will automatically create a new aircraft with the registration that you entered on the mobile phone which will take the properties of the last aircraft that was added to the main database. You may need to verify and adjust the aircraft properties on the PC/Mac.

The future Version 5 will give the mobile app more capabilities.


simogandalf ,

Not working

Not working on iPhone XS Max..I asked customer service asking explations..which were ,“we are near to release a new version” ,the new version is a new app (completely NOT working) and is NOT a fix to mcc pilot log..
So, I have lifetime (fake) enterprise ,but I cannot use it because this app is left to die “alone” and nobody cares ..and the new one is a complete failure! Again, my compliments ! I payed an app and nobody cares if I can use it or no.

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

Hi Pilot! I regret that you feel this way about the mccPILOTLOG application, please do not feel that way, we are looking for ways to make sure that the new software works. If you have any issues, do contact us directly so we can help you further and investigate the issue immediately. I look forward to your response. -CrewLounge

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