MIDI Voyager plays and visualizes midi files (.mid and .kar):

+ Use any SF2/SFZ soundfont for playback (one SF2 is already included), may also be compressed with flac, wavpack, opus
+ Add MIDI files to the "Documents" folder via iTunes or choose external files via Document Picker
+ Support for zipped (*.zip) midi file archives: the archive will be extracted during import
+ Support for zipped (*.zip) soundfont files: recommended when importing sfz soundfonts
+ Karaoke: *.kar and *. mid files, support for many charsets (cyrillic, greek, arabian, ...)
+ Karaoke special: Lyrics view with words arranged in measures, including chord symbols to play along the song
+ MIDI OUT: connect a hardware synth or midi interface box
+ MIDI IN: connect a master keyboard via Usb cable and play the soundfonts sounds with low latency
+ Chord analysis
+ Metronome
+ Export MIDI files to audio (.wav)
+ Export MIDI files to new MIDI files, including changed pitch, instruments,.... or export just a range (loop)
+ Gapless and beat accurate looping due to quantisation feature. Loops are also shiftable while playing
+ Create markers to quickly navigate to specific file positions - Give a name for each marker, eg. "solo", "reprise"...or to insert a program change.
+ Concert pitch: tune A above middle C (between 410 Hz and 480Hz)
+ Auto detect voice melody track with the option to mute it automatically
+ Tracks control: Mute or solo specific tracks/instruments or assign other instruments
+ Support for BLACK MIDI / impossible music (files with millions of notes)
+ Change the tempo during playback while maintaining relative tempo changes
+ Transpose the MIDI file during playback
+ Various midi notes visualisations: pitch range, by track, by midi channel, notes out of key
+ Piano keys: scrollable and zoomable, with customizable note names culture


Versione 1.3.8

Built with the iOS 13 SDK (no functional changes)

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9 valutazioni

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App funzionante

Funziona bene anche se un po’ macchinosa, per me, nel caricare i files su iPad.


Adrian Kossow
68.2 MB

Richiede iOS 9.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.

3,49 €


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