MIEM Play is an innovative OSC controller app, based on your favorite presets. It allows you to create, interpolate and discover new presets from touch interactions with shapes on the screen.

For artistic purposes such as sound synthesisers and filters, lights control or VJing, controllers are usually made of faders and control knobs, sometimes of X/Y surfaces. Each fader, knob or X/Y distance is then linked to a specific OSC or MIDI message, such that each element controls a specific parameter of your synthesiser, filter or DMX light. This allows precise control of independent parameters, but does not allow you to control numerous parameters in live situations.

Instead of controlling separate parameters – for example, the cut-off frequency and resonance of a filter – MIEM Play allows you to create, interpolate and discover full presets. Based on your favorite presets linked to geometric shapes, MIEM Play interpolates new presets.

While your touch gestures control the interpolation, MIEM Play sends the interpolated presets in real-time by OSC messages. It allows you to focus on the output of your system, instead of focusing on the values of the parameters.

OSC messages can be converted to MIDI using MIEM OSC-MIDI Bridge, or any other OSC to MIDI application. To edit the shapes and your presets, you can download the free and open-source MIEM Editor app for macOS and Windows (available at

All download links for desktop apps are provided within the app, or can be found at

This interface is part of the MIEM (Multitouch Interfaces for Electroacoustic Music) research project. To get more information, or to participate in the research program linked to this interface, please visit


Versione 1.2.0

New, smoother 2D-interpolation method
Various display improvements

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