Mindscope is a new and powerfully simple way to store your thoughts without getting lost in the details.

• Quickly create text entries with a double-tap and drag them around, aligning them to each other. Perfect for brainstorming, capturing, and sorting thoughts or taking notes.
• Tapping an entry enters its own page where you can create more entries (and as many sub-boards as you like).
• Drag entries into other entries to quickly sort your thoughts into categories and projects.
• Keep track of lists, todos, notes, and anything else you feel like keeping track of, for example a list of ways to be funny when writing an app description. Or something.
• Copy and paste entries including their sub-entries
• Export all entries and sub-entries of a board via e-mail as a bullet list.
• Import any saved .mindscope file.
• Set a default font size for any board (long-press on a font size and select "Set As Default"

All of the above, as a universal app, with iCloud sync...completely for free! Yeah, I know, I can't believe it either. You can "pay" me with an App Store review, how does that sound?

However, if you are up for spending money, with the "Unlock Everything" in-app purchase, you can also save your own .mindscope files, search through all your entries instantly, create cross-links between boards, create arrows and lines between entries, set up a grid background for a page, set your own colors per page, and export boards to an OPML file (suitable for opening in most major mind-mapping programs). Any upcoming features in future updates will be included for the unlocked version at no extra cost.

See a video of Mindscope in action at

Quotes from happy customers:

"It’s hitting a sweet spot for me. I have pretty much every single Mind-Mapping or Outlining app for iOS, and this is among the best.”
“This is EXACTLY what I've been hoping for. I so need to send flowers to your mother for having you.”
"Mindscope is a terrific app, elegant, easy to use, and incredibly useful.”
"Scapple for Mac comes closest to Mindscope in its combination of function, ease of use and minimalism but Mindscope is better."
"A very cool app. Think of it as Workflowy unbound from the outline."


Versione 1.55

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

Thanks for everyone's awesome feedback! Here's what's new in this update:

* iPhone X compatibility
* Fixed too small font size on iPhone
* You can now set a font size as global default - for new entries not only on the current board but on any board.
* Fixed help video and description referring to the old edit button (pencil) instead of the new one.

Valutazioni e recensioni

5,0 su 5
1 valutazione

1 valutazione

ap74 ,


Ottimo sistema di prendere appunti nello spirito delle mappe mentali, ma in modo più fluido ed elastico; è molto innovativa. Rapida, utile per organizzare argomenti complessi; ha varie possibilità di esportazione delle note.
1) non disponibile per iPhone (per ora)
2) non sincronizza con iCloud
3) non permette di aggiungere foto.
4) non vi sono aggiornamenti da più di un anno.

Ora la app è anche per iPhone e sincronizza mediante iCloud!
Non accetta ancora le immagini.
Una ottima app, finalmente aggiornata dopo tanto.

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

Version 1.5: iPhone and iCloud sync! \o/

DariaMilan ,

Great job

Simply what I was looking for. Please enable possibility to plot al created link and to add picture or shape an it will became perfect



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