A revised version of the classic and fantastic game Minesweeper!!

Rules & Credits

Tap the country where you want to play on. Then tap on the Conquer! button.

B - Beginner
E - Elementary
M - Medium
H - Hard
X - Extreme
I - Impossible

Find all the hidden bombs without making them explode. To do this, you have to plant a flag on each cell where there is a bomb, but you should not plant more flags than the number of bombs.

There are 3 kinds of cell.
• Empty cell: a cell with a green background
• Cell with a number: the cell has a green background and contains a number that indicates how many cells with bombs are around that specific cell (e.g. if a cell is labeled with a 5 then it means that 5 of its neighbor cells contain bombs)
• Cell with a bomb: if you touch a cell with a bomb you lose the game.

The cells can be in three states:
• covered: the background is white
• uncovered: the background is green
• flagged: the background is green and there is a flag on the cell

To uncover a cell just tap on it (be careful that if there is a bomb you lose the game)

To plant a flag, double tap on the cell

To remove a flag, single tap on the cell

At the beginning of the game, it indicates the number of hidden bombs. By placing the flags, the number of hidden bombs decreases. If the number of hidden bombs is zero and IF all (and only) the cells with a bomb are flagged THEN you win the game.

By tapping on the alien you activate the Probe Mode. When the probe mode is active you can press on (max. 3) covered cells to check if they hide a bomb or not. If the tapped cell is hiding a bomb then its background becomes orange, otherwise it becomes cyan.
When you want to deactivate the probe mode, just tap on the alien again. Remember to plant a flag on the orange cells, and be free to uncover the cyan ones.

The game Minesweeper was originally proposed by Robert Donner and Curt Johnson in 1989.
In Minesweeper Nations we kept the simple rules of the original game and, at the same time, we tried to add some fun by introducing a story and a completely redesigned user interface.

If you need help, if you have any suggestion for improving the game or if you found a bug…
Feel free to drop an email at:

Developed by Giovanni Pelosi.


Versione 1.1.1

Fixed bug that affected iOS11 users

Valutazioni e recensioni

5.0 su 5
5 valutazioni

5 valutazioni

AleHr0 ,

Bello ma...

È bello ma una volta conquistato un paese non mi salva...esempio, conquisto l’Italia ma il timer non si ferma e va avanti

@Fra_p ,

It is wonderful!

I love it!😍
It is a beautiful game where you can have fun!

filloboss ,

Bellissimo gioco!!

Bellissimo gioco!!

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