Get away from the navigation screen and move around… But stay in control!
Mirror and Control your compatible* Multi-Function Display (MFD) from your iOS device:
* Connect to your MFD with Mirror Control via WiFi;
* View your MFD screen from anywhere onboard;
* User your device as a full-featured remote control of your MFD.

Mirror Control connects to compatible* MFDs and streams the display directly to your tablet or smartphone. A second display… at NO COST!
Use the fully integrated touch synchronization for remote control of your MFD from the screen of your device. No reduced functions or limited menus… 100% CONTROL!
- View and Manage all your MFD pages from Mirror Control:
* Charts;
* Radar;
* Fish Finder;
* Engines;
* Instruments.

- Supervise route navigation with autopilot and make adjustments or change destination on the
- Receive alarms and monitor status for AIS, DSC, anti-grounding and other safety/navigation
- Quickly activate Man-OverBoard functionality and monitor status even without being in
front of your MFD.
- Quickly capture MFD screenshots using your iOS device commands and save them to your
photo library.
- User Mirror Control to view and manage Field Maps, the Jobs Database and implement
profiles for Section Control.
- Monitor operations in real-time from field-side.
- Oversee Auto-Steering for automated Section Control.
Simply enable WiFi connectivity on your MFD and pair it to your iOS device with a simple PIN
confirmation. Synchronization is fully automatic, with immediate access and control of all menus
and settings.

Mirror Control app is Compatible with the following navigation systems:
* Alphatron (FF-901)
* AvMap (G7 Farmnavigator)
* Furuno (GP1871F GP1971F)
* Lorenz (Atom9/Plus, Atom12/Plus, MagProHDWiFi)
* Navstation (N9/Fish, N12/Fish, ControllerC1)
* Polar (PPC-202WiFi)
* Radio Ocean (7T)
* Seiwa (SWX900W/CW, SWX1200W/CW, EXP23WiFi, FT70)
* Si-Tex (NavPro900C/F, NavPro1200C/F, EXPNavProWiFi)
* Suzuki (SMD7, SMD9)


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