Not like other rhythm games!

In Air Guitar, you can play and strum like a real guitar! Using our special MobilTrakk hand tracking technology, you can wave your hand in the air to strum your guitar, and your phone can track your hand's position in real time. For the first time you can play an air guitar that makes real guitar sounds!

This app uses microphone data to calculate hand position tracking. Data is not sent anywhere nor is it stored between app sessions.

This app also requests file permissions if you would like to upload your own music to play along in Free Play mode, but this is not necessary.

How Does it work?
Hold your phone with one hand and press the strings to follow along with the chords. With your other hand, you strum in the air near your device's speaker. Unlike other games, in Air Guitar, you get to play with both hands. Follow along with custom songs in 3 unique game modes and try to score points by playing the correct chord on the beats. When you strum you play real guitar chords, creating music as you play! Learn and play real chords, or follow along with two easier modes. Players of every level will find a fun starting point.

What's included?
• 3 rhythm game modes to play along, you can even learn real chords while you play
• Free Play mode with tons of customization to experiment and create your own songs
• Over 20 customizable guitar presets including acoustic and electric
• Choose from a list of colors and characters to dance along with you while you play

Who is Air Guitar for?
• Beginners who want to learn guitar
• Advanced and professional musicians who want to try something new
• Casual and experienced gamers who want a new rhythm game experience


Versione 1.1

In this update, we've added a new look and a brand new game mode - Learning Mode! In Learning Mode, play at your own pace as you master fingerings to learn real guitar songs!

Also, Free Play mode now has two new chord options. You can practice and learn individual chords by displaying their fingerings on the fretboard, or you can opt to have the chords play automatically when you strum.


Hauoli LLC
230 MB

Richiede iOS 10.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.





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