Ages 3 & Up. This app has been developed to include activities for children from preschool & kindergarten ages up to elementary school, to learn about GEOGRAPHY! Learn about Continents, Countries, Flags and Capitals by using the famous Montessori Geography Puzzle Maps and Pin Flag Maps!

Preschool children who cannot read yet can still learn everything presented by use of the integrated audio and graphics.

Included with this release:

CONTINENTS & OCEANS - Learn all the continent and ocean names and work with a variety of geography puzzle maps. This activity comes for FREE for you to get to learn Mobile Montessori's unique approach to teaching geography.

With the subscription upgrade you get:


It also includes the following country activities:


All of the above include the following activities:

The Learning Center - where you get to learn the shape, name and location of each continent or county or state. You also get to learn how to pronounce it correctly, and for some activities, you will learn facts and history.

Puzzle Map by Shape - Assemble the puzzle map by finding the blinking country or state that matches the blinking shape on the map.

Puzzle Map by Name - Find the country or state that matches the name shown on the screen. If you can't read, just touch the name to hear it aloud.

Simple Puzzle - Just like you would in the Montessori classroom, assemble the puzzle map in any order you choose. When each piece is placed into position, you will hear the name aloud.

Flag Maps - In the learning center you will get to know the flag of each country. For the Flag Map, find the flag that matches each country and place it on the map. This is fun and challenging work, and you'll be surprised how quickly, children can learn all the flags of the world after working with the activity a few times.

Capitals - For this release we are including the capitals of the United States and the capitals of Europe. More to come in future updates!

These geography activities are designed for both classroom and home use. All activities are self-correcting and self-guided. You will be pleasantly surprised how much children will be able to learn and retain with this app.

Our design team consists of Engineers and a former Montessori Directress, AMI certified, with over 40 years of Montessori classroom experience. We have done our best to respect the Montessori method and bring you activities that take advantage of the digital age. Thank you so much for your support and we plan to continue to add new activities to this app for expanded learning.


Versione 3.0

We've added the Capitals of North America activities to the app! Enjoy and thanks for your support of our Montessori inspired apps for children!

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