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The myHEXplan app is designed for patients treated with the TL-HEX TrueLok Hexapod System™ external fixation device.

The myHEXplan mobile app acts in addition with the standard treatment approach, to supports you from the first day after surgery, through device removal and all the treatment phases. All managed from your smartphone.

Once you have loaded your prescription, you will be able to:
- Access your struts adjustment prescription
- Receive reminders of pin-site care and struts adjustments, and mark these activities as complete
- Receive reminders of scheduled check-up visits with your physician or care team members
- Access to educational materials about TL-HEX treatment
- Receive insights on the treatment and some other useful features.

Using the mobile app will also allow your surgeon to have a complete overview of your treatment.

- Even if your physician has enabled the prescription in the myHEXplan mobile app for you, Orthofix recommends that you keep the printed copy of the prescription
- Your smartphone needs to be connected to the internet to allow your myHEXplan mobile app to synchronize with your physician’s system
- The myHEXplan system is not intended for the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease. It is not intended to affect the structure or any function of the human body
- The information visualized on the myHEXplan mobile app does not substitute for the scheduled check-up visits with your surgeon
- Any changes on the paper treatment plan will be provided by the surgeon during the check-up visits
- The myHEXplan mobile app is intended for patients age 17 and older

- no in-app purchases
- no advertisements
- no data sharing with third-parties

We value your feedback. If you would like to make a suggestion about how we can improve this app, please let us know at

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Versione 1.0.7

Minor improvements

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Lo sviluppatore, Orthofix Srl, non ha fornito a Apple dettagli sulle proprie procedure per la tutela della privacy e il trattamento dei dati. Per ulteriori informazioni, consulta l’informativa sulla privacy dello sviluppatore.

Dettagli non forniti

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