Control an army struggling for survival in the post-apocalyptic world. Choose one of the 4 unique factions—Moloch, Borgo, The Outpost, The Hegemony—and defeat your opponent in tactical warfare. Play solo against an AI opponent or against a human player in an asynchronous cross-platform multiplayer mode.
Prove that you have what it takes to survive:
March with the machines of Moloch, leading its army toward setting the new world order.
Become Borgo and unite the forces of the mutants who spread terror in the wastelands.
Lead The Outpost, humanity's last and only hope, and try to beat the machines in against-the-odds guerrilla warfare.
Be the boss of The Hegemony, a land of gangers uncaring about the fate of others, living only for violence and their mad entertainment.

Neuroshima Hex is a fast paced, tactical game for 1 or 2 players based on the well known tabletop board game by the same name. The game has been published in 8 languages and enjoyed by fans all over the world. Throughout the years, it has been steadily developed by Portal Games, and now offers as many as 19 different armies. In May 2007 Neuroshima Hex was awarded a special jury distinction for the Best Polish Designer Game published in 2006.

- Official Neuroshima Hex game with original artwork
- 4 different armies with unique strategies (other armies will be made available for purchase with future updates of the app)
- For 1 or 2 players
- Asynchronous cross-platform multiplayer mode
- 3 AI difficulty levels
- In-game tutorial & manual
- Tons of gameplay
- Easy to learn, hard to master

Previous version of the Neuroshima Hex app gained a lot of recognition:


"iOS Game of the Year"
Game Shark

"Best Card/Board Game - Runner Up"


"With great production values the board game has been translated to perfection."
TouchGen (9/10, Editor's Choice)

"Would I Buy Again: Absolutely."
What's On iPhone (9/10)

"Neuroshima Hex is a board game that almost seems like it was destined for the App Store […]"
App Spy (4/5)

"Neuroshima Hex is hard not to recommend"
Games Uncovered (Grade: 'Great')

"Creative game world; deep strategy"
Slide To Play (3/4)

"It's a deeply satisfying game that forces you to have a tactical mind in order to win, and it's incredibly fulfilling when you do."
GameZebo (4/5)


Versione 4.09

- Medic functions after Grenade was used.
- Ability to move in a draw.
- Assigning random opponents in the Fast Game.
- Notifications about overdue moves.
- Random drawing of the starting player in Automatch.
- Misleading "Your turn" call fixed.
- Opening an app from a notification directs to the Online Lobby.
- Saving sound and music settings.

Valutazioni e recensioni

3,7 su 5
30 valutazioni

30 valutazioni

john_job ,

Molto interessante

Come promette il gioco stesso è relativamente semplice impararne le regole, è complicato diventarne maestri.
Peccato però che la fortuna abbia un ruolo un po' troppo importante.
Gli eserciti espansione a 2€ ciascuno mi sembrano troppo cari.

DerpyDogg0 ,

Strategico divertentissimo

Prendete un po' di tempo per capire le dinamiche e le caratteristiche dei diversi eserciti: il divertimento è assicurato. L'IA funziona a dovere e i match contro altri giocatori (online e offline) un crescente grado di sfida. Da aggiungere le particolarità di ogni singolo esercito e l universo molto ispirato. (Perfetto su iPhone 4s e 6s).

Update di rinnovo rispetto all’edizione da tavolo! 👍🏻

UpdateFailureDisaster ,

Such a bad work

One year ago they deleted the app without previous notice. Only good thing is that it is back and the purchase (just the app itself) is restored. So far though, it’s not possible anymore to play in 4, can’t create a game with more than two players (just against AI), can’t create an online game and choose things but just have to wait ages to find someone else online—>i.e. it’s just 1v1 games.
If it took you a full year to come up with this awful thing then either refund us or delete it completely. SHAME ON YOU

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