nextmarkets aims to help private investors become sustainably successful and better trained to operate in today's financial markets. To this end, nextmarkets has developed a very easy to use Trading Platform for private investors which covers over 1000 instruments via intuitively driven web and mobile apps. These include CFDs on stock, currency (Forex, FX), bond and commodity markets.

It is scientifically proven that more than 80 percent of all private investors fail in the capital markets. This has mainly behavioral finance reasons. Human behaviour is sometimes affected by fear, greed and arrogance and this often leads to irrational decisions when dealing with money at the exchange.

Therefore nextmarkets wanted to develop a platform in which customers are not left out on their own, but their Trading Coaches will train and support users in their everyday trading. With Curated Investing, we will help you to understand the capital markets. nextmarkets customers can choose from more than a dozen coaches. Each of these coaches is a professional in a determined area (for example Stock Trading and Technical Analysis techniques).

The best part: Experts communicate with clients via analyses and transactions directly on the customer's chart. Experience every step of your experts live in the chart. The user most often sees the approach based on chart analysis and which indicators the coach uses. In addition, the expert's comments appear in a kind of "chat monologue", so that subscribers may understand why the coach makes decisions and how the coach analyzes the markets. The customers receive interesting trading ideas and they also learn about the cause and effect principles and learn how to better analyse the markets. After a few weeks they understand what is moving the markets and how markets may be mastered. Simply learning by doing.

Finally, users can easily follow the trading ideas of users at a fingertip. Whenever a transaction appears out the trading idea, the user follows that trade with a previously determined quantity.

nextmarkets offers their users a demo account with virtual 10,000 Euros. And finally, you can trade real money and open your account within minutes.


Versione 4.2.4

Based on your customer feedback we have made further optimizations as well as stability improvements. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact or use the integrated feedback function in the app.


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