NotchCam - Quick Camera Access 4+

Tanmay Sonawane

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NotchCam offers a quick cam preview when you click behind the notch.

Other features include:

- Ability to simulate the notch on other devices. The notch is size accurate to the new MBP, so that means it will adapt to any resolution.

- Ability to blend or make the notch disappear by adding a black bar to the existing wallpaper.
 Make sure the existing wallpaper is located in the Pictures folder.
- Multiple display support
- Restore original wallpaper to the respective display.


Versione 1.4

Bug fixes:

- Fixed inability to click to open the Camera when mouse was at extreme top.
- Disabled green tip animation by default and added an option to toggle the green trigger animation. (the green animation was added as a safety measure to keep you aware that NotchCam is running to prevent things such as accidentally opening the camera while screen sharing)

Several reports of people facing issues with Macbook 14". I think most of them are fixed in this release but if you still face any please reach out to me directly by emailing and I'll fix it with your help. 

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