Note-Ify Notes 4+

Sergii Gerasimenko

Progettata per iPad

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Key features:
- FOLDERS - for easy grouping of notes
- ICLOUD-SYNC - Your notes are available on the iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X *
- COLORS - if you want to highlight the different types of notes just mark Important notes as red, Affairs - as green (for example)
- Favorite Notes - select and group important to you notes
- PASSWORD on a separate note - you can lock notes with password that contain confidential information (passwords, card numbers, love letters ;-))
- MAIL-TO-SELF - fast "one-click" sending of notes to the selected email-address, don't waste your time on typing your email. Just click on the button and note is in your mailbox
- SKINS, FONTS, COLORS - configure the application so as you want
- PAY ONLY ONCE - no In-App Purchases, no ads

APPADVICE.COM:"This application provides you with an elegant and easy way to keep your thoughts "

APPPIPE: "Simple, efficient and beautiful, FNotes might just be the best iOS notes app you’ve never heard of"

APPSAD: "Note-Ify - minimalistic replacing to standard notes"

APPLEDIGGER: «Note-ify - this is the best alternative to the standard notes"

APPLENEWS: "Note-Ify - a new look at the minimalist notes that fit perfectly into the new design of the Apple"

YABLOCHNO.COM: «Note-Ify - a new look at familiar application notes ... Note-Ify is quality and useful ... synchronization and customization of appearance make it a viable alternative to the standard" Notes ".

APPLEMAGAZINE.COM: "... application in its current form is certainly the easiest way to create notes, and will make a great addition to your performance"

APPPICKER.COM: «Note-Ify features a very basic interface, and I actually prefer Productivity apps of this kind which keep things nice and simple. I definitely think the streamlined layout is a huge benefit for busy bodies like you and I!»

APPPICKER.COM: «I’ve used a fair few apps that are similar to Note-Ify in that they attempt to keep things simple and streamlined. Some developers manage to pull it off, while others fail miserably, and I would say that Note-Ify Notes definitely falls into the former category, with a fantastic minimalist interface and some of the smoothest overall functions you’ll ever see»

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*Version for Mac OS X will be available soon


Versione 1.8.12

Quest’app è stata aggiornata da Apple per visualizzare l’icona dell’app di Apple Watch.

Fixed issue when editing long notes on iOS 9-10

I apologize for the fact that the app has not been updated in, now the updates will come out much more often.

But further development of the application depends on You, do not write questions in reviews, as a developer, I can't respond to reviews. If you have suggestions, bugs or questions just email - or or directly from the app (Send Feedback)

Unfortunately I was not able to upload to App Store version with support < iOS 9

It is recommended to upgrade to the Pro version!

Valutazioni e recensioni

4,4 su 5
21 valutazioni

21 valutazioni

Chiappaassurda ,


Quattro stelle solo perchè l'icona è un po' bruttina

Simone Bertolino ,

Buona App

Buona app, bella grafica con tante opzioni.

Andrew*s ,

Un'evoluzione di notes di default

4 stelle perchè costa un pò troppo.
Ottima per chi vuole utilizzare il notes di default aggiungendo password e qualche altra caratteristica.
Puoi creare cartelle tipo una casella email. Mettere la password con un clic solo per quello che ti serve quindi non per aprire l'app. L'intuitivita è identica a note di default, puoi scrivere con diversi caratteri, grandezza, e colore, ecc.

Privacy dell’app

Lo sviluppatore, Sergii Gerasimenko, non ha fornito a Apple dettagli sulle proprie procedure per la tutela della privacy e il trattamento dei dati.

Dettagli non forniti

Lo sviluppatore dovrà fornire dettagli sulla privacy quando pubblicherà il prossimo aggiornamento dell’app.

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