nRF Connect is a powerful generic tool that allows you to scan and explore your Bluetooth Low Energy (henceforth Bluetooth LE, also called Bluetooth Version 4.0+ of the Bluetooth specification) devices and communicate with them.

nRF Connect also allows your iOS device to advertise as a peripheral, with full support of many of Bluetooth SIG adopted profiles.

Additionally, nRF Connect supports Nordic Semiconductor’s Device Firmware Update profile (DFU) capabilities, allowing you to update compatible peripherals!

- Missing from 1.x Version:
• Logging: This feature will return, bigger and better, as soon as we can get back to it. We're very sorry if this causes you any inconvenience :(

+ Features:
• Supports Nordic Semiconductor's (Secure & legacy) DFU.
• Supports Nordic Thingy™ from Nordic Semiconductor.
• Scan and discover nearby Bluetooth LE peripherals.
• Filter Scanned Peripherals by Name, Manufacturer, Services (Advertised & Connected) and RSSI Level.
• Parsing Multiple Formats of Bluetooth LE Advertisement Data.
• Live RSSI Chart of Scanned Bluetooth LE Peripherals.
• Complete iPad Support, including Multi-Tasking.
• Privacy-Oriented: Full-Disclosure of Scanned Data, Advertised Data, and User-Performed Actions held by nRF Connect.
• Connecting to Any Connectable Bluetooth LE Smart Device.
• Discovery of Services and Characteristics.
• Read and Write Characteristics.
• Enable and Disable Notifications and Indications.
• Advertising as a Bluetooth LE peripheral.
• Low-Fat: nRF Connect for iOS is Very Small, at Less Than 10 MB of Size. So You Can Always Keep Us With You!

>= Requirements:
• iOS 9.0 and above.

- Notes:
nRF Connect also works with our Development Kits, which you may acquire online here:


Versione 2.0.2

This is going to be a long list, but I promise you it's going to be worth it ^^

## Small Features & Improvements
• When a device's appearance changes, we trigger a Scanner layout to try to keep the UITableViewCell(s) neat and tidy.
• Added 'HID' and 'UART' to the list of Service Filters.
• Eddystone devices are now classified as being of the 'Eddystone' type, rather than just 'Beacon'(s)
• Improved readability of available filters ('Manufacturer' is 'Data' and 'Advertising' is now 'Services'.
• Added Support for Importing files from External Sources ("Copy to nRF Connect")
• Introduced caching for internal UUID Mapping Lists (UUID to User-Readable Description)
• Introduced DFU Settings for Packet Receipt Notifications, Force DFU and Experimental Buttonless DFU Features.
• All Advertiser User Actions are now performed synchronously (faster!) rather than asynchronously.
• List of Services in Device Details now clears after dismissing Device Details pane, not immediately after disconnecting from a device.
• Added Support for advertising with missing 'Apple' and 'micro:bit' Services.
• Introduced new 'Battery', 'Fitness' and 'Link' Appearance(s)
• Improved readability of all Hex Values by using hyphens ('-')
• Extended Advertiser Service Selection Dialog to include Service-Appearance icons colored with each Service's color scheme.
• Updated Icon (yes, I know)

## Fixes
• If a PhysicalWeb device changes its advertised services, we properly reset its Appearance to match its new advertisements.
• Fix for a crash caused by the DeviceSwitcherView upon receiving Device-related events.
• Fixed a major crash due to SpriteKit in iOS 9 devices - iOS 9 devices are now relegated to a 'static' scanning animation instead.
• Fixes for two different race-conditions in the BLE Scanner and Communicator subsystems.
• nRF Connect was previously showing Service Characteristic values reversed (!)
• Fixes for two different race-conditions in the BLE Scanner and Communicator subsystems.

That's it for today, folks!

nRF Connect doesn't prompt you for reviews. We value your time and know you might need to make use of our tool in times of pressure. That being said, if you feel good about us and want to perform a gesture, please leave us a review. It helps us a lot. Thank you so much in advance. :-)

To contact us, holler us on Twitter @NordicTweets. You can also use our DevZone forums ( where you will receive quick support for your inquiries.

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