The best camera is the one you have with you. But what if that camera was improved with pro features, a gorgeous interface, intuitive controls, and was always with you?

That camera is Obscura.

Obscura is designed to make it fast and easy to capture stunning images. Whether you're shooting in portrait or landscape, the Control Wheel fits into your hand perfectly. You won't be fumbling around trying to capture a photo when you're in a hurry – everything is accessible with one thumb. Finely tuned haptic feedback gives the devices a sense of physicality, so you can feel every adjustment.

You can shoot in a wide range of formats:

• RAW - capture more details and allow for a greater amount of flexibility when editing.

• HEIC - a new image format that uses advanced compression for high quality files at smaller sizes.

• JPEG - You can never really go wrong with JPEG, can you? It just works everywhere.

• Live Photo - combine high resolution photos with video clips that bring your images to life.

• Depth - allows you to apply exciting portrait mode effects and more.

Obscura includes a bunch of gorgeous filters to add style to your images.
There are 19 included filters, perfect for a wide range of scenes.

• A Sepia filter unlocked by sharing the app with friends

• A Black & White filter pack, including 8 filters. Especially good for dealing with low light and striking architecture.

• An Analogue filter pack, including 7 filters. These work great for giving a cinematic look to your images.

Other Camera Features
Obscura has all the features you expect in a great camera app, including:
• Flash control
• Grids
• Shutter Timer
• Spirit Level

With a single swipe you can browse your library.
But Obscura doesn’t just have a simple image browser, it’s much more powerful than that. Here’s what you can do:

• Edit - Apply Obscura’s gorgeous filters to images you’ve just captured (or images from other, lesser camera apps). You can save the filtered image as an adjustment, or as a new copy.

• Share - There’s a good old share sheet, so you can share with your friends, and open images in other apps.

• Copy - quickly copy an image to the clipboard, so you can share it with ease.

• Favourite - Mark an image as favourite. Simple.

• Hide - Not every image is for everyone to see. It’s cool. We get it.

• Delete - Goodbye forever little photo.

• Trash - Obscura has a neat little feature where you can add photos to a special trash album, so you can delete them all in one go. Efficient.

With a wide range of customisation options, Obscura works your way. You can change the effects of gestures, secondary capture formats, and even the app icon!

We believe that your personal information belongs to you. Obscura doesn’t collect any information about you, so there’s nothing to share with third parties, nothing can be hacked or leaked, because we don’t have it. We think that’s best for everyone.

The only data we see is the opt-in analytics that’s automatically collected by iOS. See more about it at

Obscura has a Notification Center widget, which makes it quick and easy to access the app from the lock screen.

Press firmly on the app icon on your home screen to quickly jump to some of Obscura’s features.

Not all features are available on every device :(

Focus Peaking - requires iPhone 6 or newer
RAW capture - requires iPhone 6S or newer
HEIC capture - requires iPhone 7 or newer
Depth Capture - requires Dual Camera (iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X)
Advanced Haptic Feedback - requires iPhone 7 or newer


Made by Ben Rice McCarthy

More info at


Versione 2.6.3

A few fixes:

- Fixed Shortcuts not configuring the app correctly on launch.

- Fixed issues with depth capture on triple camera devices

- Fixed an issue that could cause a crash on launch

Valutazioni e recensioni

3.9 su 5
63 valutazioni

63 valutazioni

claudio42 ,

Sembra di avere in mano una relfex

Ho appena cominciato ad usarla, in 5 minuti mi sembra tutto semplice, chiaro e immediatamente personalizzabile. Interessante l’idea di poter accedere a qualsiasi controllo usando la ghiera con una mano sola (specialmente comodo se si scatta in landscape, come dovrebbe essere preferibile!), come nelle reflex.
Mi da così tanta fiducia che l’ho messa al posto dell’app standard, vedremo se mantiene quello che pare promettere…

AlexGold ,

Per ora molto promettente....

Interfaccia grafica molto ben pensata!
Ottimi i controlli!
Per il momento mi sembra la migliore rispetto a tutte..... per il momento.......
A mio avviso manca la funzione hdr o meglio ancora smart hdr per chi ha iPhone Xs ( anche se smart hdr lo ha solo Apple )
Dopo diverse prove le foto diurne sono praticamente identiche a quelle fatte con l’app fotocamera nativa, forse un po’ più dettagliate, anche se nei paesaggi si vede che in obscura 2 manca uno Smart hdr che fa la differenza, mentre nelle foto notturne o indoor con luce le foto fatte con obscura 2 anche se un po’ più buie sono molto dettagliate....molto!

Segnalo che purtroppo, a volte, l’app va in crash !!!!!

MXBravo96 ,

Shutter speed

Per favore permettete di impostare la velocità dell’otturatore per foto a lunga esposizione (almeno 1-5 secondi)

Please allow to set the shutter speed for long exposure photos (at least 1-5 seconds)

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

È qualcosa che stiamo esaminando. Sfortunatamente il sistema non supporta le esposizioni lunghe, quindi ci deve essere una soluzione alternativa, come lo scatto di video, e quindi unire i frame in una singola immagine. Se fosse semplice, lo faremmo immediatamente!
It's something we're looking into. Unfortunately the system doesn't support long exposures, so there has to be a workaround, like shooting video, and then merging frames into a single image. If it were simple, we'd do it immediately!

Acquisti in-app

7 funky analogue film filters
2,29 €
8 filters tuned for portraits and selfies
2,29 €
Black & White
8 gorgeous b&w filters to shoot and edit with
2,29 €


Ben McCarthy
89 MB
Foto e video

Richiede iOS 11.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.


Cinese Semplificato, Cinese Tradizionale, Francese, Giapponese, Inglese, Spagnolo, Tedesco

5,49 €
Acquisti in-app
  1. Analogue 2,29 €
  2. Black & White 2,29 €
  3. Portrait 2,29 €


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