The OPSCENTER mobile app allows users of the Opterus OPSCENTER solution to access their account in order to receive and reply to messages, complete tasks, track issues, view documents and knowledge base, and complete tests and audits. Configurable badge counts and push notifications also allow users to be alerted when something new or updated has been sent to them or their store.

Detailed functionality includes:
- Create, read, filter, file and search messages, tasks and issues
- Approve messages and tasks (gatekeepers)
- Create and respond to messages and issues
- Create and complete tasks
- Create issues for messages and tasks
- Redirect, resolve, assign and close issues
- View the OC calendar and open tasks and events
- Search and view documents and knowledge base items
- Complete tests and audits
- Use Single Sign On
- Support for iOS notifications and badges based on configurable settings

About Opterus OPSCENTER
OPSCENTER is a communications platform designed specifically for retail to simply all forms of communication within a retail enterprise. It is an easy to implement, all-in-one web based solution which allows retailers to effectively communicate with their stores, enable and monitor inter store communication, and check store compliance.

NOTE: To enable this application the user must belong to a company that licenses the Opterus OPSCENTER web application.


Versione 2.0.10

* Fix file handling of images inserted with the new editor version

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