Outline Dashboard gives you full control over your Outline PA: deliver the True Audience Experience!

Outline Dashboard remote control application for use with any Outline Processors and iMode Powered Loudspeaker when connected to a wireless or wired LAN.

Main features:

Direct Preset Download
Raised Cosine Eq
Group Management
Custom Panels
Smart Actions: copy, paste, flat
Easy Preset/Project management and sharing
iCloud capabilities
Embedded Firmware Update
Internal Sound Generator
Layout Management (GUI configuration recall)


Versione 1.9.2

New in Outline Dashboard 1.9.2:
* Project / Network device synchronisation
* Input failover reporting on workspace item
* Bug / issue reporting form
* Minor bugs fix

*Online Communication with NEWTON (Embedded update to Firmware Version 0.95 ) which comprises:
- Multi protocol management and distribution: Analog, AES3, MADI (both optical and coaxial), DANTE: up to 216 IN and 216 OUT simultaneously
- 16 In DSP Channels x 16 Out DSP Channels: Levels, Mute, Delay (up to 1 sec per channel with bypass), polarity
- 16 In DSP Channels: 8 filters x 2 Layers of Classic Biquad Ultra-Low Noise IIR
- 16 Out DSP Channels: 8 filters x 4 Layers of Raised Cosine EQ powered by High-Quality WFIR Technology
- 16 Out DSP Channels: Up to 4 Groups per channel
- Groups: 8 filters x 4 Layers of Raised Cosine EQ powered by High-Quality WFIR Technology
- 8 In x 2 Out Analog Auxiliary Mixer: Pan, polarity and mute
- Temporary Link between Input or Output channels
- Fixed Link between Input or Output channels
- 16 Completely Independent Input DSP Patch with Advanced Backups policies (4 Redundancy levels that includes Dante protocol, Manual rearm, Gain and Delay Trimmers) configurable with the aid of Quick Actions (Multi Drag & Drop Support)
- 18 In x 16 Out Matrix Mixer with Quick Actions Support (Batch Selection and Activation)
- Fully Customisable Hardware Output Patch with Pickoff Points selection and Direct Out (Analog vs All Protocol or on a Per Protocol basis)
- Advanced Clock Management with Backup strategies on Master clock, Output Word Clock 1 and Output Word Clock 2 (independently)
- Dante External sync, to inject Newton master clock into Dante Network as master.
- Analog Ground Isolator
- AES3 and Madi Output Sample rate selectable

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for any question or explanation.

Download Newton Operating Manual HERE!

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