Speed-read websites, eBooks and documents. Outread improves reading effectiveness by helping you to focus on reading small chunks of text at a time. You can either follow the highlighter along the page or keep the text centered.

Featured by Apple in “Train Your Brain” section
“You're in luck, because Outread will help you get through [articles] and learn speed-reading in the process.” — Lifehacker
"Speed Between the Lines" — WSJ
“A clear winner in the speed-reading category” — AppAdvice

- Speed read by following the highlighter along the page (Highlighting Mode) or by keeping the focused phrase in the center of the screen (Flashing Mode - Rapid Serial Visual Presentation)
- Exercises improving peripheral vision, eidetic memory, short-term memory and chunking ability.
- Add webpages from Safari or other apps using share extension
- Paste text or add from a URL
- Adjust the reading speed and chunk length (length of text you read at once)
- Selection of fonts to suit all reading conditions
- Monitor your progress with reading stats
- Filter (by services or tags) and sort (by date, length or title) the items
- In order to reduce distractions, items are stripped from unnecessary content
- Pleasant reading experience improving comprehension and concentration for people with dyslexia, ADD and ADHD
- Universal app for iPhone and iPad
- Everything is always with you, even offline

- Read free classic novels from the built-in catalog
- Sync with Pocket, Instapaper and Pinboard
- Add your own ebooks (DRM-free ePub)
- Add PDF, Microsoft Word, RTF and TXT documents (Outread shows only pure text, without images and complex layout)
- Higher reading speed up to 1,500 words per minute
- Reader themes: Black & White (great for OLED), Sepia and Gray

- DRM-protected ebooks (Kindle and most of iBooks ebooks) are not supported
- Sync between iPhone and iPad versions is available only via Pocket, Instapaper and Pinboard

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Versione 1.10

- Reading Now widget: quickly jump back to your current in progress article, document or book.
- Newest Items widget: check the newest items in your library.
- Reading Time widget: appreciate how much you read today.
- Three shortcuts: Add Web Link, Show Library and Start a Reading Exercise that you can use in Shortcuts app or through Siri.
- Fixed various layout issues in exercises, mostly related to non-default font sizes.

In case widgets don't show up for you, please restart your iPhone or iPad and try again.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can reach us at

Valutazioni e recensioni

4,4 su 5
17 valutazioni

17 valutazioni

FilippoTeodoro ,

La migliore

Perfetta ma dovrebbero farla connettere anche con i link salvati di Facebook

Giuseppe rossi ,

Best speed reading app so far

I tried all the speed reading app out there, and ths came out as the best. What makes it better is how it integrates with dropbox and Pocket, let you change the speed with interval of 5wpm, and let you see in the index what to read. Also when you stop it it reverts to classical text, so you can immediately see what you want to jump or reread. The integration of the index is very important. Still it can be improvedin many ways, but for this moment in time i will give to it 5 stars. If in 1 year time it has not improved, this will slowly decrease, but then it will probably not be the best anymore

Blanco1981 ,


La migliore app per la lettura veloce che ho avuto occasione di provare...

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