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Pantheon is a social fitness app for every body. Upload workouts and meditations from your favorite apps and devices, then celebrate your wins and share your activity in our judgment-free community.

Personalized for You
Pantheon analyzes your activity to create a personalized Daily Goal. Your personal goal is not too easy, and not too hard. It’s just right to help you start moving more.

If you don’t have a fitness tracking device, you can set use Pantheon as a step tracker. Instead of simply counting steps, Pantheon's smart Personal Goals, dynamic challenges, and social features make it the best free step tracker.

If you do have a fitness tracker, like an Apple Watch, Fitbit, or Garmin we create a personalized goal based on Calories or Active Calories.

Challenges to Keep You Moving
Pantheon provides dynamic wellness and fitness challenges to help you start and stay moving. Every step counts, and Pantheon challenges are designed to help you celebrate even the smallest wins.

Create Your Fitness Profile
Pantheon is the first all-inclusive fitness profile. All of your workouts and meditations across all fitness trackers and workout types get added to your Pantheon profile and history.

Share Activity with Your Friends
Find and follow your friends tp share your fitness achievements. Pantheon doesn’t share personal information about your workouts, and focuses on celebrating your successes. Keep up to date with your friends, family, gym buddy, workout buddy, and accountability buddies. Pantheon connects to your favorite apps through Apple Health, and connects to major fitness trackers, so you can keep using your favorite tools to share with friends.

Beginner Friendly
Pantheon is designed with beginners in mind. Our goal is to get you moving more today than you did yesterday. If you’re just getting started on your fitness journey, you will find challenges that accommodate you. If you already live a more active lifestyle, Pantheon will help you track and celebrate all that you already do.

Integrate With Your Favorite Apps and Devices:
Pantheon collects activity information from Apple Health, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, and Samsung Watches. It also syncs with your favorite apps like Nike Run Club, Calm, and Headspace.

Create a Fitness Team
Pantheon is not just a step challenge, it's the first social fitness game. Create a fitness group with up to 10 friends or family members to compete with you in fitness and wellness challenges. Log your workout activity from different fitness apps and watch yourself progress. If you have a larger business team or school team, you can sign up for Pantheon Premium on our website.

This is not a sweepstakes program. This program has no affiliation with Apple, Inc., Alphabet, Inc., Fitbit, Inc., Garmin Ltd., Withings Corporation, Nike, Inc., or any of their subsidiaries.

Be sure to check out the rules for participation at

Terms of service:


Versione 2.58.14#360 - New Visuals for your Viewing Pleasure

2.58.14#360 - New Visuals for your Viewing Pleasure
This version of the app improves the visuals across the app:
- Challenges, quotes, and workouts feature new illustrations to better fit Pantheon's theme.
- The team page has been updated.
- Font sizes have been update in various parts of the app to make things easier to read.

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