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Phosaic brings to you some flexible opportunities to expose your creative soul with your styles for mosaic art.

You just focus to present your choices for your photos,
Phosaic makes everything in the background for you.

Phosaic runs its secret formula to make impressive mosaic photos. In seconds, follow some
flexible tools that presented to you and get your great mosaic photos.
- Take your main photo to add mosaic effect.
- Select at least any 10 photos on your gallery for your unique mosaic blend.
- Adjust the mosaic pixel size easily. This brings an originality to your art.
- Change the sharpness of your photo. Transitions will change many details.

Every selected photo combinations lets to you create an awesome mosaic photos. These
combinations are your styles and no tool can copy your patterns, blend and tiles. Phosaic is designed as simple as possible It provides a special algorithm to create high
quality and elegant mosaic and presents some adjustable tools to let you present your unique touches. At the and of the all, feel your art and share it easily on your social accounts.

Phosaic is created as a paint brush. It has high quality but for a perfect art, it desires owner's touches. Owner is you, use your paint brush and get your mosaic photos.

After the simple and talented steps, you have your own mosaic photos.
- Save your mosaic photo in gallery quickly or send it to your cloud with high quality.
- Share your photos on your social network in seconds.
All mosaics are created with your original selections. You can create countless combinations with this flexibility and can take interesting feedbacks from your friends.

If you like Phosaic or any idea to improve it, we are grateful to take your comments and ideas. Do not hesitate to share your ideas to us.

More about Phosaic and our other apps, visit the


Versione 1.1

- Bug fixes
- Performance improvements

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5 valutazioni

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