Fastest way to adjust your photo? PicFitter is a simple video/photo editor app that fits a whole part of rectangle image into square shape. Just one tap to edit your photo and post it quickly to Instagram.

[For whom]
- Wants to make an image whole part visible from rectangle photo, and post it to Instagram
- Wants to add a white frame
- Also wants to edit video
- Wants to change frame colors
- Likes simple, easy photo editor apps
- Tries to make photos and videos instagrammable

[Photo Examples]
- Horizontal photos
- Vertical screenshot
- Photo taken with DSLR camera
- Fashion snap
- Hairdressing model
- Nail
- Sports
- Animal
- Cooking
- Scenery
- Painting
- Artwork
- Digital workds
- Leaflet of events
- Flyer of events
- Film announcements
- Magazine content
- Manga workds
- Product introduction
- Property introduction
- Local government announcements
- Submission of works by artists
- Activity of idols
- Instagrammer's day-to-day

The hashtag on Instagram is #picfitter .

[Supported edit]
- Square edit
- White frame edit
- Black frame edit, other color frame edit
- Blurring of the frame *for image edit only
- Set another image to the frame *for image edit only

[How to use]
- Select a video or an image from camera roll
- Choose your favorite layout
- Save the edited image to camera roll, share on Instagram or Twitter

[Useful functions]
- Use colored frame (tap adjust button and choose color)
- Edit frame width uniquely (by long-press each layout button)
- Use blurred image as the frame *for image only
- Use own image as the frame *for image only

[Paid version]
We sell paid version with monthly billing (automatic continuation) in the app.

- $0.99 / month
- Remove ads in the app.

* The payment amount may vary depending on the region.

[Notes on paid version]
- If the automatic renewal is not canceled more than 24 hours before the end of the period, the contract period will be renewed automatically.
- Automatic renewal will be charged from 24 hours before the end of the period until the end of the period.
- You will be charged via your iTunes account.
- Cancellations for the current month are not accepted.
- Cancellation cannot be performed by any method other than the following.

[Confirmation and cancellation of paid version contract]
You can check and cancel the monthly subscription from device's -> iTunes Store and App Store -> Apple ID -> Show Apple ID -> Subscription -> PicFitter.
* If automatic billing is not registered, “Subscription” is not displayed.

[Terms of Use / Privacy Policy]


Versione 4.0.9

Performance Improvements

Valutazioni e recensioni

4.9 su 5
43 valutazioni

43 valutazioni

adavedreaming ,


Simple and functional. Does what one would expect. 👌🏼

iamlorenzo ,


I love it, it works perfectly.

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