The official PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS designed exclusively for mobile. Play free anywhere, anytime. PUBG MOBILE delivers the most intense free-to-play multiplayer action on mobile. Drop in, gear up, and compete. Survive epic 100-player battles, and fast-paced 4v4 team deathmatch and zombie modes. Survival is key and the last one standing wins. Be the one!

2018 Mobile Game of the Year – Golden Joystick Award
Top Free iPhone Game 2018 – Apple App Store

FREE ON MOBILE - Powered by Unreal Engine 4. Console quality gaming on the go. Delivers jaw-dropping HD graphics and 3D sound. Featuring customizable mobile controls, training modes, and voice chat. Experience the most smooth control and realistic ballistics, weapon behavior on mobile.

MASSIVE BATTLE MAPS - From Erangel to Miramar, Vikendi to Sanhok, compete on these enormous and detailed battlegrounds varying in size, terrain, day/night cycles and dynamic weather – from urban city spaces to frozen tundra, to dense jungles, master each battleground's secrets to create your own strategic approach to win.

DEPTH AND VARIETY – Featuring from 100-player classic mode to lightning-fast Arcade modes and the intense and exhilarating 4v4 Team Deathmatch and Zombie modes. There is something for everyone. Play Solo, Duo, and in 4-player Squads. Fire your weapon to your heart's content! Be a lone wolf soldier or play with a Clan and answer the call of duty when help is needed! Offers FPS (First-Person Shooter) and TPS (Third-Person Shooter) play, lots of vehicles for all the different terrains in the game and an arsenal of realistic weapons. Find your perfect ride and pieces to cruise towards the final circle!

ALWAYS GROWING - Daily events & challenges, and monthly updates delivering new gameplay features and modes that keep PUBG MOBILE always growing and expanding. Our powerful and serious anti-cheating mechanisms ensure a fair and balanced gaming environment where everyone plays by the rules.

*Requires a stable internet connection.
*PUBG MOBILE recommended system requirements: iPhone 6s or above and iOS 9 or above.

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Service name: PUBGM Prime
1. Funds will be deducted from your iTunes account once confirmed. The subscription price is US$0.99, renewed every month. PUBGM Prime subscribers may collect 5UC per day and can use BP to buy certain items in the shop.
2. Only 1 subscription may be active at any time. Once you subscribe, US$0.99 will be automatically deducted from your iTunes account 24 hours before your current subscription ends, and your subscription will be renewed for one month, unless you cancel it at least 24 hours before the end of your current subscription.

Service name: PUBGM PrimePlus
1. Funds will be deducted from your iTunes account once confirmed. The subscription price is US$9.99, renewed every month. PUBGM PrimePlus subscribers may collect 20UC per day and can use BP to buy certain items in the shop.
2. Only 1 subscription may be active at any time. Once you subscribe, US$9.99 will be automatically deducted from your iTunes account 24 hours before your current subscription ends, and your subscription will be renewed for one month, unless you cancel it at least 24 hours before the end of your current subscription.

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Versione 0.14.0

New Features
1. New Infection mode and map. Play as Zombies!
2. New character system - unlock more appearances and skills!
3. Pirate main menu theme, and the million-dollar Global Treasure Hunt!
4. Royale Pass Season 8 with popular items restocked!
Important Updates
1. Infection mode
a) Asymmetric PVP mode where players are divided into Zombies and Defenders at the beginning of the match.
b) Defenders have firearms, but Zombies can only use melee attacks and abilities with cooldowns. Zombies can revive after being killed, while Defenders will turn into Zombies.
c) If all Defenders are infected, Zombies win; and Defenders win if at least 1 survived within the given time.
d) Players can customize Zombie form controls and quick chat.
e) Infection can be played in room mode.

2.New Character System:
a) Victor, the first new character, is available for free. Collect him from the Character under Workshop.
b) Victor's skill reduces SMG reload time. His skills work in EvoGround and do not affect the balance in Classic mode.
c) Victor has exclusive outfits, with Legendary Conquest being the best one. Collect materials and level up to get unique emotes and voices.
d) Level up Victor by playing in matches. There are rewards for every level and a special reward: MVP Results Emote at level 10 (max). Get premium Character Crates with rare rewards by earning EXP after max level.

3.Pirate Main Menu Theme and Global Treasure Hunt
a) Hunt for treasures during matches to find hidden treasures. Collect gold, silver and bronze compasses to redeem rewards.
b) Global Treasure Hunt:
1. Divided into 4 stages, each with its own map. There are 7 levels for each stage, and 2 missions for each level.
2. Unlock the mission crate by completing 1 mission.
3. Unlock the stage crate by completing 7 or more missions in a stage.
4. Complete all 56 missions to unlock the final reward.
5. Complete any mission of a stage to join the lucky draw and win travel fund. There are 10 winners for each stage.

4. Background download added to iOS
iOS players can now switch the app to background while downloading updates.

5. Daily Mission System Update:
a) Reduced the number of missions and upgraded the rewards.
b) Daily Missions, other than the Login Mission, are released randomly. Players can switch to other random missions in the pool up to 3 times a day.

6. Level V and rewards added for some achievements.

Improvements and Bugfixes
1. Inventory UI is now more user-friendly.
2. Outfits: when new outfits conflict with the currently equipped outfit, the old outfit will be unequipped display the new one.
3. Shop visual improved: new background, new lighting effects, adjusted camera Angle, highlighted the display for more depth and texture.
4. Armory visual improved: added halo, modified scenes, highlighted the display effect of firearms to make them look heavy and more realistic.
5. Portable Closet: the UI will be collapsed when players stop tapping the icon. Added "undo changes" icon to restore the previous outfits with a single tap.
6. Improved Lucky Spin and crate opening experience.
7. Improved the Rankings background to match the overall visual.
8. Improved Team and Friend interfaces. Players can now view friends' avatars on the main menu. Friend button will pop up only when players expand the Team interface.
9. Added the Middle East server to Crew Challenge for players in that region.
10. Shop/Supply visuals: new background, adjusted icon design, information display and button locations. Please pay attention to the changes.
11. Fixed climbing related bugs.
12. Fixed a bug where character models got stuck in buildings.
13. Fixed a bug where Zombie got stuck in walls in Survival mode.
14. Fixed a bug where linked social account could not change avatars.
15. Fixed a bug where Backpack models in the main menu were not displayed correctly.
16. Fixed a bug where nicknames were misplaced on the Clan page.

Valutazioni e recensioni

4.5 su 5
9,457 valutazioni

9,457 valutazioni

GioPlay ,


Se sei amante dei battle royale questo è il miglior gioco che tu possa avere sul tuo cellulare. Non parlo a caso, ci gioco da più di un anno e non mi ha mai deluso. È completamente gratuito a meno che non si volgliano comprare le skin o il pass battaglia, esiste comunque un modo per averle coi soldi di gioco. Le impostazioni per la definizione di audio e video sono regolabili in modo da non laggare neanche in caso di calo di connessione o nel caso si abbia un telefono datato, inoltre tutti i tasti sono personalizzabili. A livello di partita è un classico battle royale con tantissime armi disponibili, ognuna con le sue caratteristiche che le contraddistingue, infatti non c'è un'arma più forte ed una più debole, dipende da com'è il tuo stile di gioco e in che situazione ti trovi. Per esempuo io uso l' AKM mwntre un mio amico usa l' M416. Le mappe disponibili sono 4 e sono diverse sia per ambientazione che per stile di gioco, infatti in una sono migliori gli SMG, in un'altra i fucili a lunga gittata e così via. Insomma, questo 3 quanto, spero di essere stato utilw nel caso di indecisione se prenderlo o no!

J2blood ,

Finalmente un vero videogioco per mobile

Questa non è una versione depotenziata e semplificata di PUBG, questo è PUBG, è lo stesso identico gioco che milioni di persone giocano su PC, tutte le armi e i veicoli, entrambe le mappe, 100 giocatori in simultanea, chat, voce, tutto, ma proprio tutto. Interfaccia complessa ma intuitiva, si può fare veramente tutto, accovacciarsi, saltare, utilizzare oggetti, aprire porte... é veramente lo stesso gioco che gira alla perfezione su telefoni e tablet. Hanno fatto un lavoro di conversione incredibile, ma la cosa più incredibile è che è tutto gratis. Niente microtransazioni, non è un gioco freemium. Se volete, potete comprare qualche vestito, nulla più. Tutto il gioco, le armi, ecc sono disponibili per tutti, senza spendere un centesimo. Ed è un gioco incredibile.

Riccardo Marinaro ,

Vado sul sicuro

Ah ah. Io sono già un giocatore della vostra versione per pc. Ovviamente il gioco non può essere “enorme” come la sua controparte su steam, ma lo capisco ( anche perché se no non girerebbe su mobile ). Mi diverte molto giocarlo con gli amici. Lo reputo un ottimo gioco. O e per l’amor di Dio! Non ascoltate quelli che dicono: < aggiungete la costruzione di edifici > no! No no. Se vogliono la costruzione di pareti e di pavimenti che se ne vadano su Fortnite e lascino spazio a chi gioca per divertirsi e non per criticare.
Adoro PUBG mobile con adoro PUBG pc, ho recensito anche la versione steam, dando voti positivi anche lì. Non avrei mai potuto darvi nessuna critica perché so che farete solo meraviglie.


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Tencent Mobile International Limited
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Richiede iOS 9.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPad Air, iPad Air Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 2 Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro 12,9", iPad Pro 12,9" Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro (9,7"), iPad Pro (9,7") Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad (5a generazione), iPad (5a generazione) Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro (12,9") (2a generazione), iPad Pro (12,9") (2a generazione) Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro (10,5"), iPad Pro (10,5") Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad (6a generazione), iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (6a generazione), iPad Pro (11"), iPad Pro (11") Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro (12,9"), iPad Pro (12,9") Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad mini (5a generazione), iPad mini (5a generazione) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Air (3a generazione), iPad Air (3a generazione) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPod touch (6a generazione) e iPod touch (7a generazione).


Arabo, Cinese, Cinese Semplificato, Cinese Tradizionale, Francese, Indonesiano, Inglese, Portoghese, Russo, Spagnolo, Tedesco, Thai, Turco

Vietato ai minori di 17 anni.
Frequente/Intensa violenza realistica
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