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With the Rapidtransfer International app you can now send money to
your loved ones in Africa from France and 14 other European countries
easily, quickly and securely. Rapidtransfer International makes it more
affordable to send money to 33 African countries.
Download the app today and enjoy its range of features, allowing you
to send money conveniently and safely:
* To any Xpress Account (directly available to the receiver on the
Ecobank Mobile app)
* To any Ecobank Account (also accessible on the Ecobank Mobile
* To Xpress Points or Ecobank branches in 33 African countries for
cash out
* To different mobile wallets relative to the different countries
* To other banks in each country

You can also choose the payment method that suits you best:
* Pay from your bank account/debit card
* Pay from your credit card
* Pay as a SEPA online payment

Other key features include :
* Easy rate-checking to speed up your transaction
* More flexibility over affordability
o 0% for delivery in 3 days
o 1% for delivery in 2 days
o 2% for delivery in 1 day
o 3% for immediate delivery
* Rafiki (our digital customer service) for How-To’s and FAQs
* Save recipients to allow for easy repeat transactions
* Track your transfer history with instant statements
* Create and manage your profile
* Invite your friends to join from the app

For more than a decade Rapidtransfer – the first Pan-African owned
money transfer service made for Africa, by Africa – has helped our
customers send money across Africa. Now it is also an international
app, for your money and your Africa.
Particular care has been taken to design a strong and user-friendly
customer experience built on the principles of affordability, community,
simplicity and flexibility.
Download the app and enjoy it today.
Rapidtransfer International.
My Money. My Africa.


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