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Property rental calendar

Igor Piryazev

Progettata per iPad

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In the application “Rental calendar” there is simple and convenient functionality for marking and monitoring the real estate objects in daily renting.

In the application “Rental calendar” there is simple and convenient functionality for marking and monitoring the real estate objects in daily renting.

Booking, residence records, availability of the object are reflected in a form of colourful stripes within definite period of time. It is possible to monitor up to 20 real estate objects. The calendar of object states on the main screen is seen for 63 days.

As a result you can get a table 20*63 where you can serf quite fast by scrolling the screen which makes work easier. Each object saves the state list for 2 years which can be watched. Each object state must be edited within the list.
Due to great development experience and experience in real estate renting we have managed to create a quite convenient instrument which we use in our everyday life.
We hope that with your help we are able to improve this mobile application.
Do not forget to back up before each upgrading!
In case you change the language in the phone very often, you should upgrade to the 1.5 version and save the state of the objects again.
If you are interested in this application, please give us feedback.

1. Editing of the object:
1.1. There is no need to use a username or password.
1.2. To add an object, you should choose menu "..." -> "Add an object". An empty object will be added.
1.3. Choose an empty space of the object on the left. Then you see a page with some space for the object name and the list to add the object state.
1.4. When you press “Add some state”, you get a new page where you can fill in the gaps necessary information.
1.5. Do not forget to back up before upgrading!

2. Subscription:
There is currently no subscription. The application is distributed free of charge.

3. The confidentiality policy and the licence agreement can be seen through the link in the menu "..."-> "Additional menu" -> "Confidentiality policy" или "License agreement".

4. In the mobile application it is allowed to copy the database of the objects and its restoring. If you want to reinstall the application, you should transfer the database into another catalogue and take it back when restoring it.

5. If there are no objects in the object base, then a demo base is opened. You can delete the database using the link in the menu "Demo base" and start the objects you need.

Privacy policy:

License agreement:



Versione 2.2

Added localization.

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