Get real film look while shooting digital.

At RNI we always wanted to transfer the true character of analogue film to digital medium. So we did by digitising our library of analog slides and negatives, building their profiles and packaging those profiles into a lightweight and easy to use mobile app.

RNI Films is a great mobile companion for those who appreciate the beauty of analogue photography. And this little app enables creators to bring the artistic flair of film into their mobile workflow.

Many professional photographers find our film profiles to be more sophisticated and true to real film than rivals. That's because we work really hard to recreate every subtle aspect of real film, with great attention to general accuracy, colour separation, skin tones and grain texture.

RNI's film-simulating expertise is proven by time and appreciated by photographers from all over the globe. Our desktop and mobile solutions have been praised in a number of independent online reviews, so don't hesitate to search for RNI Films online to find out more about our products, philosophy and approach.

Film filters
The RNI Films' filters are born from real film stocks and split into categories that include negative, slide, instant, black & white and vintage. The app comes with a generous introductory package of free film filters. Also additional filter packages can be added via in-app purchase.

Adjustment tools
Use RNI image adjustment tools to make sure your images perfectly meet your creative vision. You can crop and rotate, alter the brightness, contrast, and colour, enhance shadows and highlights, add vignette and real film grain, and much more.

RAW support
RNI Films supports RAW. Some minor image artefacts may bee seen while editing RAW in the app's viewport which uses draft mode. But those artefacts won't be there on export. And generally the quality of the output of this little app is comparable with professional desktop software.

Share your photos to your social networks directly from the app. Supported networks include Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

In-app workflow
The RNI Films app is simple, intuitive and straightforward to use. It’s designed with high efficiency in mind, from opening a photo to sharing the result. No clutter, no extra taps to ‘hide/unhide that panel’, no unnecessary confirmation steps – everything is streamlined and simple for your convenience.

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Versione 2.0.8

Maintenance release

Valutazioni e recensioni

4.7 su 5
716 valutazioni

716 valutazioni

sambru92 ,

Una delle migliori

Uso solo la versione free ma i filtri sono molto belli e fedeli alle pellicole. Estremamente navigabile e completa nelle funzioni di editing, ti permette anche di sincronizzare le impostazioni dell’ultima foto aperta con una nuova, in modo da editarle tutte uguali. Secondo me è superiore alla più famosa VSCO che trovo confusionaria e con tanti filtri inutili.
Esiste anche la versione desktop e sto pensando di acquistarla. Bravi!

uma80 ,

Perfetta se non fosse così cara

Filtri molto buoni, migliori di Vsco per quanto riguarda le migliori simulazioni pellicole. Purtroppo a pagamento ci sono troppi filtri e questi costano anche parecchio anche se quelli gratis non sono per niente male.

Domlite333 ,

Stupenda ma..

L’applicazione secondo me è molto semplice ma ben fatta, permette a tutti di poter editare a livello amatoriale per qualche foto su instagram o su facebook. L’unico problema è la qualità delle foto che viene salvata molto sgranata, infatti ho notato che quante più modifiche si fanno alla foto più la foto esce sgranata. Poi si sa, quando la foto la si posta su instagram o facebook la qualità peggiora ancora di più e lì non mi piace


Really Nice Images LTD
80.9 MB
Foto e video

Richiede iOS 10.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.



Acquisti in-app
  1. Vintage Films Pack #1 4,49 €
  2. Negative Films Pack #1 4,49 €
  3. Negative Films Pack #2 4,49 €


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