It now can play well on iPhone5S,iPhone5C,iPad Mini2 and iPad Air!

Sand Flame is a third person RPG shooting game on iOS platform. The story tells how the US special forces search for terrorist in a different style.

Cool and stylish American cartoon concept and full screen of 3D game graphics, the TRS+RPG game form restores the real war experience to players. It tells us the horrors of war in black humor way and everyone should cherish the theme of peace.

Each level has its own lineup, AI monster and multiple BOSS challenges which give players TPS experience. The special level provides chasing game and featured gamble game.

•RPG includes character upgrades, weapon proficiency systems, story-driven mode and multiplayer mode.
•Numerous guns based on actual ones.
•Guns with higher star ratings have extended magazines and bullets, delivering more damage.
•High quality weapons will give you an unprecedented game battle experience.
•Players must try to survive through each level in the game’s mysterious story.
•Each character has exclusive character skills which are featured in the cinema-like ‘Bullet Time’
slow motion video clips.
• Mastering a featured weapon skill, such as “Light Machine Gun Mastery”, will make this weapon more powerful during the upgrades after every level.

Weapons Capabilities:
•Many modes in different levels: Experience FPS battles in the default mode, gather intelligence behind enemy lines, and drive to pursue enemies at a high speed!
•In the midst of fierce battle, players can place bets in mini games to gain advanced weapons to make gameplay more enjoyable and captivating.
•30 levels include multiple BOSS challenges - it is always a mystery how the player will avoid death! Players will protect an airport, defend Afghan cities, assault Taliban camps, and fight against an enemy leader weaving helicopters through skyscrapers, among other adventurous missions.
•Epic explosion scenes scattered throughout the game.


Versione 1.1

-It now can play well on iPhone 5S,iPhone 5C,iPad Mini2 and iPad Air!

Valutazioni e recensioni

3.8 su 5
4 valutazioni

4 valutazioni

Panky76 ,

Non parteeeeee

Nn si apreeeee

mx4372 ,

Non funziona

Su iphone 4S non funziona , crasha

Ajejee ,

On ipad Air does not work

On ipad air you can not moove hero, it does not work.
Give money back
Dont buy it


Yunchun Cang
959 MB

Richiede iOS 4.3 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.



Vietato ai minori di 17 anni.
Frequente/Intensa violenza realistica
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