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Babak Fakhamzadeh

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Create Dadaist poetry based on your location.

Sauntering verse generates Dadaist poetry based on your physical location. Take your device for a walk and see poetry created in front of your eyes.

Every location on earth is identified by a combination of two numbers. Centred on Greenwich, in England, this coordinate system divides the world up in 'latitudes' and 'longitudes' and a combination of the two defines a unique point on the globe.

Two long strings of numbers are not always easy to remember, so what3words came up with the idea to assign a unique combination of three words to roughly every 3x3 meter area around the globe. As with latitude and longitude, each combination of three words uniquely identifies a point on the globe. Therefore, if you move around, you are actually moving through locations with their own unique combination of words. The perfect starting point for a fine poem.

How to make a Dadaist poem was once famously described by Tristan Tzara, one of the founders of the Dada movement, as taking a pair of scissors, cutting up a newspaper article, and then putting the random words back together.

When creating poetry, Sauntering verse does this in a true Dadaist spirit, creating interpretations that are unique to your location and never the same.


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