shiftscreen gives you a second screen for your iPad and iPhone.
No more black bars when connecting your device to a monitor, instead place documents, websites and webapps on your external display.

At the moment these are the supported webapps: Trello, Notion, Google Docs, Framer, Miro (Mindmaps), YouTube, Omni Focus, iCloud Photos, Mail, Calendar, Outlook, Overleaf, Glitch, Office 365, Word, Excel, One Note, Witeboard, Airtable, Google Classroom, Evernote, YouTube Studio, Microsoft Whiteboard. (more coming soon)

Normally all you can see on a connected monitor is a reflection of the iPad-/iPhone-screen. So you are unable to take advantage of your big screen and are limited by the size of the iPad/iPhone. This is where shiftscreen comes in. shiftscreen uses your external display edge to edge.

With shiftscreen you can view multiplay windows (websites, documents and web-apps) on your monitor and still be able to open other apps in split-view on your iPad. So you can play a YouTube video on the monitor while still being able to search the web in Safari on your iPad.
But the app is also designed to be used on the iPhone. With shiftscreen you can connect your iPhone to an external display and open multiple desktop websites and documents on your monitor.

Furthermore you can use the cursor-trackpad to control the windows on the monitor with a mouse cursor.

Current features:
- fullscreen support for external displays and monitors,
- use split-view with shiftscreen to display something on the monitor while working on your iPad,
- two desktops; on each you can open four windows,
- view multiple websites or documents in split view,
- web-app support,
- mouse and trackpad support for iPad,
- control the monitors content with a single tap on your iPhone or iPad,
- mouse-cursor on the monitor,
- integrated YouTube-player,
- use the focus-mode to only view one window at a time,
- laserpointer-mode for presentations,
- take screenshots of both the monitor and your iPhone or iPad.

What do I need for the app to work?
1. An external display to connect the device with.
2. A working adapter to connect your device (or an AirPlay compatible device to connect to).

Happy screen-shifting!

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Versione 3.0.2

Small improvements and bug fixes in this version. Stay tuned for the upcoming big update.

- You now can use "⌘ CMD + Left/Right Arrow" again to navigate to the start and end of lines in text areas.
- Minor performance improvements.
- Webapps now run slightly smoother.

- Navigate back and forward keyboard shortcut changed to "⌘ CMD + ⇧ SHIFT + Left/Right Arrow".

- Removed the ProductHunt message.

Valutazioni e recensioni

4.6 su 5
8 valutazioni

8 valutazioni

Antonio.dancona ,

Assurda !!

Migliora notevolmente la produttività su iPad con iPadOS.
Consiglio di munirvi di un mouse o trackpad per sfruttare al meglio l’app.
Consiglio agli sviluppatori: cercare di rendere ancora più fluida l’app nelle gestures e negli spostamenti specie quando la si usa in split view

Scontento-2 ,

The app works great but would love full screen mirror at desktop level

The app indeed does the premises, but it works the apple way with a stage output, which indeed do the job for video editing, and tasks like that, would cherish the opportunity to have the whole screen mirrored at desktop level.

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,


I am sorry to hear that you are unsatisfied with my app. I think I did not understand the exact problem you are describing. Could you please try to go more into detail. I would love to help.

Best regards,

iJulio32 ,

I Love That!

This App is genial!

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

Thank you for the positive feedback!


Yannik Schrade
6.1 MB

Richiede iOS 13.4 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.


Cinese Semplificato, Inglese, Tedesco, Turco

Accesso web senza restrizioni
5,49 €


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