SoundSoap fixes audio noise problems! Rescuing your videos from noise problems with SoundSoap is effortless - no experience necessary.

• Simple to fix common audio problems like background noises, clicks, pops, hum, and hiss - version 5 automatically finds the noise!
• Easily fixes low-volume problems without introducing distortion
• Automatically fixes distorted audio that was recorded too loud
• Enhance feature restores sparkle and bass in audio
• Open and Save most popular media file types, Share to Email, Facebook, AirDrop and more with no loss of video quality!
• Record audio within app
• Batch File Processor to processes multiple files automatically
• and more...

The easiest and most affordable restoration software just got easier! Soundsoap 5 includes groundbreaking new features like automatic noise detection, a graphical learn noise mode, metering, FLAC, improved hum removal, additional media playback controls, and more.

"The results were fantastic. No other consumer-level program removes as much noise while still leaving the material recognizable." - PCWorld

"... a must-have piece of software." - Radio World Magazine

Note the Mac App Store edition of SoundSoap does not include plug-ins or MP3 encoding. SoundSoap 5 is also available with AU/VST/AAX plug-ins for use with compatible multimedia apps like Garageband, Logic, Final Cut Pro X, Digital Performer, and ProTools. See for more info.

SoundSoap is perfect for anyone working with interviews, video projects, iPhone/iPad videos, screencasts, podcasts, transferring LPs or cassettes, and more. Open the media to be cleaned and SoundSoap will automagically find and remove background noise. With just a few simple controls, anyone can remove clicks and crackles, unwanted hiss, room noise, rumble, electrical hum, clipping, low volume, and other background noise from almost any digital media file — including video, audio, analog cassette/tape/vinyl recordings, and more. SoundSoap is a must-have for easily cleaning up audio before you share it.

Almost everyone has experienced undesirable background noise in their recordings. Maybe that amazing video of your kids also captured a noisy air conditioner, or that interview you recorded has a loud highway buzzing in the background. Not enough volume on your video's audio track? Were noisy fans supposed to be part of your interview? Have a loud humming sound caused by a bad cable? Maybe you are removing clicks and crackles from an old LP collection or hiss from your audio cassette collection… the list goes on and on. In any case, these noises can be a big distraction in your project.

"SoundSoap represents an elegant and affordable solution" - Sound on Sound, April 2015

"With just minimal adjustments, I was able to remove all of the above from old and battered 33s and 78s that I transfer to CD … the best money I've ever spent to save my favorite music. Unbeatable!" - Amazon customer review

SoundSoap's user interface is designed to be simple and focused, making it easy enough for anyone to use. Simply drag in your video clips from the Finder, iPhoto, or another media application into the SoundSoap application. You can even record new audio files directly into SoundSoap. After media files have been cleaned with SoundSoap, share them with one click directly to Facebook, Email, Messaging, AirDrop, and more!

Any way you choose to use it, SoundSoap's advanced audio restoration technology does the hard work for you, and gives crisp, pro–quality results in just seconds. SoundSoap's technology isn't the only amazing thing — the price is too.

"SoundSoap has made several of my old recordings usable. This product is amazing when it comes to removing unwanted noise or sounds. I have used it to eliminate background voices which normally is nearly impossible. I have yet to find a product that can outperform Sound Soap for removing unwanted noise, rumble, or unwanted voices." - Amazon customer review


Versione 5.0.3

- fixes stability problems in version 5.0.2


SoundSoap LLC
4.5 MB

OS X 10.9.0 o versioni più recenti, 64-bit processor

109,99 €


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