Textastic is a fast and versatile text, code and markup editor. It supports syntax highlighting of more than 80 programming and markup languages. Connect to FTP, SFTP, SSH and WebDAV servers or to your Dropbox or Google Drive account. Use the built-in WebDAV server to easily transfer files from your Mac or PC over Wi-Fi.

• Improved Files app integration
• Configurable keyboard shortcuts
• Custom fonts
• SSH terminal settings
• Support for ECDSA and Ed25519 SSH keys
• Print source code
• New File Lists With Support For Drag and Drop

• Syntax highlighting of more than 80 languages:
HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, Markdown, Objective-C, Swift, C++, PHP, Perl, Python, SQL, shell scripts and many more (full list available on the website)
• Compatible with TextMate and Sublime Text 3 syntax definitions and themes
• Code completion for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP functions
• Emmet support
• JavaScript console
• FTP, FTPS (FTP over SSL), SFTP (SSH connection), WebDAV, Dropbox and Google Drive clients
• SSH terminal connections
• Git repositories from the Git client app Working Copy can be opened as external folders in Textastic
• iCloud Drive
• WebDAV server
• Symbol list to quickly navigate in a file
• Full external keyboard support
• Displays additional keys over the virtual keyboard to make it easy to type characters often used for programming
• Cursor navigation wheel for easy text selection
• Easily move the cursor using swipe gestures
• Split View and Slide Over multitasking on iPad
• Open multiple files in tabs
• Full iPad Pro and iPhone X support
• Supports most encodings like UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, CP 1251 or MacRoman
• Supports different tab widths and soft tabs (spaces instead of tabs)
• Customizable font and font sizes
• Find & Replace (including regular expression search)
• File information like character count and word count
• Send files by email
• Local and remote web preview for HTML and Markdown files
• Supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion

Textastic supports several ways to import your files:
• Connect to (S)FTP and WebDAV servers, Dropbox or Google Drive
• By using "Open In" in other apps
• Over Wi-Fi with the built-in WebDAV server

Don't hesitate to tell me the features you want to see in the next version!


Versione 8.1

Support for iOS 13 and iPadOS:

• New "Add External Folder…" command that shows the new iOS 13 folder picker.
• Supports the new iOS 13 multi-selection gesture for selecting multiple files and folders by swiping down files lists with two fingers.
• Uses the new card-style modal dialogs and supports dragging down to dismiss them.
• You can now drag the code editor's scroll bar on iOS 13 to quickly jump to certain locations in the file.
• Various other improvements for iOS 13.

Valutazioni e recensioni

4.7 su 5
48 valutazioni

48 valutazioni

hd732 ,

perfect in text/code editing

Feature rich and very reliable. Stunning arrangement of symbol make every character quickly accessible.

Dneri11 ,

per quello che costa mi aspettavo un po’ di piu’

per quanto mi riguarda manca la funzionalita’ di indentazione in javascript ed e’ molto macchinosa la gestione dei file.
pero’ tutto sommato e’sicuramente meglio dell’equivalente prodotto della panic (coda) che costa il triplo e non permette di usare dropbox o googledrive.
Textastic non e’ adatto a sviluppare... siamo ancora lontani, ma va bene per studiare.

vk34256 ,

Bad User Experience

The new Tabs implementation makes no sense and increase the required finger taps for each file you open. There is no swipe right gesture to reveal the sidebar like every ios app "becuase he says so". There are no trash folder and no really useful keyboard shortcuts for the same reason, and so forth..
The author is very opinionated, the problem is that he's wrong.

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

Hello, thanks for your feedback. Let me answer your concerns:

You only need to tap on a file once to open it, just as before version 7 of Textastic. An additional tap on the tab is only needed if you want to keep that file open (which wasn't possible before). This "transient tab" feature is very similar to what desktop editors like Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code and Atom do.

On iPad, there actually is a swipe right gesture to reveal the side bar if it is hidden. This gesture only works when the editor doesn't have focus though, because the swipe right gesture moves the cursor to the right in that case. So if you hide the keyboard and then swipe right, the sidebar should be shown.

You are right, there currently is no trash folder. This might be a good feature for a future update.

Textastic has plenty of keyboard shortcuts. Which ones do you miss?

If you want to further discuss those points, please send me an email.


Alexander Blach
29.1 MB

Richiede iOS 11.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.


Inglese, Tedesco

Accesso web senza restrizioni
10,99 €


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