Time Boxer is inspired by time management methods that help you work with time, not against it! Use Time Boxer to get things done and manage your progress along the way.

This app is AD free!!

Key Concepts...
• A Timer is like a "task" and can represent anything you want to get done.
• Timers will count down and notify you when they complete.
• A timer can be "extended" when it completes. Time Boxer encourages you to take a break or move on after too many extensions.
• Time Boxer keeps track of your time spent and any notes you create along the way.

Key Features...
• Create Groups to organize your timers.
• Multiple timers can be moved to a group at once.
• Easily customize timer properties. (Title, Timer, Time Spent, Alarm Sound)
• Set default properties for new timers in settings.
• Sort timers by title, date created or elapsed time to see what you're spending most of your time on.
• Timer alarm can play any song on your device or play any of the default sounds on your device. Vibrate is also an alarm option.
• Timers will notify you when counting completes, even if the app is in the background or your device screen is turned off.
• Create custom notes for each timer.
• View a summary of all your timers, which displays the time spent and all your notes.
• Export your Time Boxer summary via email.
• Fully supports split view on you iPad and will resize accordingly based on screen width.
• Easily reset your time spent and notes for all timers in app settings.


Versione 1.5

Time Boxer has been optimized for the latest iOS.

Privacy dell’app

Lo sviluppatore, Claudio Morsella, non ha fornito a Apple dettagli sulle proprie procedure per la tutela della privacy e il trattamento dei dati. Per ulteriori informazioni, consulta l’informativa sulla privacy dello sviluppatore.

Dettagli non forniti

Lo sviluppatore dovrà fornire dettagli sulla privacy quando pubblicherà il prossimo aggiornamento dell’app.


Claudio Morsella
18.8 MB

Richiede iOS 9.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.





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