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Trvlease is a travel budget application with the capability of multi-tasking and tracking incoming monies and expenses for traveling groups of students, friends, or family that pool their money together to create a trip budget. Scheduled payments are created for the group by the trip administrator, keeping track of submitted payments while creating the budget. When the trip is underway, the travelers in the group can post expenses in seven preset categories - transportation, lodging, dining/food, activities, entertainment, shopping, and miscellaneous. Trvlease tracks and displays totals for deposits, category expenses, total trip expense, and the remaining budget to date. 
You can take photos of receipts. These images are stored along with the rest of your trip data, which can be printed or shared at any time.

Trvlease keeps track of all the paperwork. The travelers pay you, and then you mark them as paid on the app. If they haven't paid, then they will automatically get a push notification when the payment is overdue.
When you schedule a payment, the travelers are notified, with the amount and due date.
The message board is great too, enabling the group to drop messages to each other. 
A Tip/Split calculator is also included, making it easy when dividing up the check.
Personalize the Trvlease app with your own photos for trip album covers and profile images!
Group Travel on a budget just became a whole lot easier with Trvlease!

Tracks incoming monies from participating travelers which presets each trip budget
Displays emergency, medical, and contact information for each traveler along with their profile image
Tracks and categorizes trip expenses
Tracks total categorical expenses, total trip expenses, and remaining budget balance
Takes photos of receipts and stores these images categorically
The ability to share and print trip data
Selects currency and keeps an updated exchange rate
Trips are shareable among group travelers
Group travelers can add expenses. Posted expenses are identified by the creator
Message board for easy communication between group travelers
Push notifications for all trip and expense activity


Versione 1.5

-Minor bug fixing
-Improved User Interface

Privacy dell’app

Lo sviluppatore, Leilani Deem, non ha fornito a Apple dettagli sulle proprie procedure per la tutela della privacy e il trattamento dei dati. Per ulteriori informazioni, consulta l’informativa sulla privacy dello sviluppatore.

Dettagli non forniti

Lo sviluppatore dovrà fornire dettagli sulla privacy quando pubblicherà il prossimo aggiornamento dell’app.


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