Versione 2.5.0

Improved rendering with left/right/center alignment options and smarter preview height calculation.
Enjoy the update!
Full release notes:

• [NEW] Added left/right/center alignment options in the view menu
• [NEW] Introduction has been improved and allows user to set Collection Priority Mode
• [IMPROVED] Enabled right click on status icon when in background mode
• [IMPROVED] Hide app when clicking on the status icon in background mode
• [IMPROVED] Cell height is adjusted according to auto size setting
• [IMPROVED] Tweaked cell height calculation on overview and for print to make it a bit more compact
• [IMPROVED] UTF names and HTML character codes have been updated to support new characters
• [IMPROVED] Mixed activated/deactivated families can now be deactivated by Shift-clicking on the activation icon
• [FIXED] Preview alignment fixed when turning on/off Collapse Families
• [FIXED] Activating a font when showing the Quick Collection no longer shows bright border
• [FIXED] Downloaded system fonts (using Font Book) are now correctly labeled as System fonts

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4 valutazioni

4 valutazioni

Once upon a line ,

A perfect solution

I’m a graphic designer, I work everyday with fonts and I need a pro app.

I've looked for a font manager app for a lot in the past, I've tried a lot of different professional app, but unfortunatly nothing suited my needs, too heavy, too expensive, too complicated, I needed a solution.

This is the solution:

It’s lightweight, you can import your fonts from a folder, you can activate only the ones you need, compact or expand a font family (great when you are looking for a body font), search in so many different way, you can compare live different shape, and with this new update everything is even better! Manage clients fonts with tags, easyer organization, new shortcuts.

I want more app like this!

Kafk81 ,


Veramente Ottima applicazione per la gestion e e l’organizzazione dei font! pulita e rapida permette di confrontare vari tipi di font organizzarli e altro.. La consiglio

Utentewindgianluca ,


(The app shows ALL the font in alphabetical order and THEN the tags) + (You can't move through the fonts list or the tag list with arrow keys) = if you have a rich font collection you can spend days to find the right one.

You can't drop fonts from a hd folder to a tag folder in the app, so if you're in graphics for a long time and you already have your collections with undred of fonts well organized by style, you have to redo all the work in the app family by family and you can't use arrow keys or multiple selection.

20 euros for an unusable font manager.

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

Thanks for your feedback. You can find more information about how to use the app on the website: Using the arrow keys you can scroll through your font list. You can select multiple fonts by holding the Command key (you're able to change this in Preferences > Collection Priority Mode). Typeface allows you to import font directories, so you don't have to reorganise them if you already have them organised in finder. If you need personal help, please send a mail at


Floor Steeg
22.7 MB
Grafica e design

OS X 10.11 o versioni più recenti, 64-bit processor



Classificazione 4+
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