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Userscripts is an open source Safari extension that lets you save and run arbitrary bits of JavaScript (and CSS) code for the websites you visit. It implements a code editor right in your browser for a simple method of creating, editing and saving your code.


- Open source
- Straightforward usage
- Multiple domain specific scripts
- CSS or JS
- Automatically locally saves your scripts to the file system
- "Advanced" Javascript editor with auto complete
- No user tracking

Use cases:

- Automatic page redirection
- Website page manipulation (styling, element creation)
- Custom ad-blocking
- Website custom code injection

If you're looking for a way to easily create quality of life Javacript code snippets for your web browsing experience, give Userscripts a try.


Versione 4.4.5

Visit the GitHub repository for help or to report bugs:


- fix: correctly returns xhr errors when type is blob - #558

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8 valutazioni


Why did it take me so long to know about this?!

This extension is truly a godsend. Easy to use, light and efficient, and OPEN SOURCE. Big thanks to the developer for their work. Keep it up!

effeerre75 ,


Assolutamente da installare!

YHaTTo ,


Fa il suo lavoro

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