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Using this app, you can notify the owner of the vehicle, not just if the vehicle is parked inappropriately, but also if the vehicle was seen over-speeding or being driven around rashly.
You can even send an Alarm notification if any vehicle is blocking your passage. You too can receive notifications, if someone sees your parked car with windows left open, or with the lights turned on, and chooses to notify you.


- Register your vehicle with Vehicollate in easy steps.
- Get information about vehicle/owner using full/partial search.
- Send notifications using in-built message templates in a single tap.
- Receive notifications, and revert easily.
- Offline Support for sending and receiving notifications through SMS.
- Alarm notification in case of Emergency Blockage.

With ever increasing number of vehicles on road, and no available directory of vehicles, it has become difficult to drive on roads without stress. One may find people driving or parking irresponsibly, which leads to inconvenience for others. We bring to you a solution that promises to lessen your hassles on roads. We provide a way for you to contact the owner of vehicle, that is causing inconvenience to you. You can choose to notify the owner if you find the vehicle being driven around rashly, or not parked properly. You may even notify the owner if you find the windows of the car left open, or the headlights turned on. Some other Vehicollate user may do the same for you.
All this is done using built in template messages, and none of your contact information is let out in public. So, the contact number that you use to register your vehicle, is kept private, and cannot be known to any other Vehicollate user.
There is a special alarm feature in case of urgency. If you find someone’s vehicle blocking your passage, you can choose to notify the owner using, EMERGENCY BLOCAKGE PARKING notification type. This would ring an alarm of the vehicle owner’s phone, urging him to move the vehicle from the passage.


Versione 1.0.7

Now you can also choose to share your phone number with your vehicle information , to provide safety to your parked vehicle. Just go to the profile screen and opt for sharing phone number. And you can also call the vehicle owner if he/she opted to share his/her phone number.

Privacy dell’app

Lo sviluppatore, Paras Dhawan, non ha fornito a Apple dettagli sulle proprie procedure per la tutela della privacy e il trattamento dei dati. Per ulteriori informazioni, consulta l’informativa sulla privacy dello sviluppatore.

Dettagli non forniti

Lo sviluppatore dovrà fornire dettagli sulla privacy quando pubblicherà il prossimo aggiornamento dell’app.


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