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With VidyoSlate, your iPad becomes the ideal second screen in a Vidyo conference, putting content collaboration at your fingertips. VidyoSlate lets you view and annotate the content shared by any conference participant, share content directly from your iPad, and share its integrated whiteboard application so that all conference participants can view your notes and illustrations.

Here are a few ways that VidyoSlate improves the collaborative experience:
• Share documents from your iPad, including Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Acrobat PDF.
• Second screen dedicated for content. Whether you are in a conference room with multiple screens, at your desk, or on the road with your laptop, VidyoSlate gives you more room to collaborate, with a streamlined interface optimized for content viewing and annotation.
• Electronic whiteboard, so you can take notes and save annotations to slides, spreadsheets, drawings, photos, and any other content shared by anyone in the conference.
• Supplemental display for multipoint content, so you can view content shares from more than one person at a time. For example, you can view one participant’s shared content on a conference room screen or your computer monitor, and another participant’s shared content on your iPad with VidyoSlate.
• Zoom tool so you can pan and zoom in on shared content. This lets you see the big picture on your primary display while zooming in to study the details on your iPad.
• Note taker that automatically saves your annotations and whiteboard sketches on your iPad for your reference and to share with colleagues.

Like all Vidyo endpoints, VidyoSlate takes advantage of the H.264 SVC standard and Vidyo’s exclusive Adaptive Video Layering technology to deliver exceptional performance, resolution, and reliability over broadband wireless networks. VidyoSlate supplements the VidyoMobile and VidyoDesktop applications, and the VidyoRoom and VidyoPanorama multi-screen room systems, and is optimized to receive and transmit shared content (not audio or video streams). Just as with VidyoMobile and VidyoDesktop, joining a Vidyo conference with VidyoSlate consumes a VidyoLine license from the shared pool of available licenses.

This application requires a Vidyo account through your organization or Vidyo service provider.

See the developer’s website for more information on Vidyo infrastructure components, endpoints, and system features.


Versione 2.1

- Full video and audio participation in the conference while viewing or annotating content or white boarding
- Added ability to share content from Google Drive into a conference


Vidyo, Inc.
35.8 MB

Richiede iOS 7.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPad.





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