WriteFreely for iOS gives you a seamless way to publish your thoughts on the web. Write your thoughts in its clean, distraction-free editor, and then publish to your blog or any writing community powered by the WriteFreely software.

WriteFreely for iOS supports and self-hosted WriteFreely instances. If you're not hosting your own instance, visit to find a community to join!

# Just Write

WriteFreely for iOS includes only what you need to write and publish, so you can focus on your words. It launches straight to the editor, so you can get your thoughts down before they vanish.

# Write Offline

Draft and edit blog posts offline on your iPhone or iPad, and publish whenever you're ready. If you don't publish a post, it remains safe and private on your device.

# Stay Synchronized

Log in to any WriteFreely instance you have an account on, and sync posts from your WriteFreely account to your device.

# Publish Widely

Publish to multiple blogs on your account, and move posts between blogs and Drafts with a few quick taps.

# Light Customization

Make it your own by choosing a default font for your posts, and whether or not you'd like to write in dark mode.

# Freedom

The WriteFreely platform is built entirely on open source software, from the server-side to this iOS app. Rest easy knowing you ultimately control your publishing tools, and visit to find out how you can contribute.


Versione 1.0.2

Thanks for using WriteFreely for iOS! This release focuses on accessibility fixes for VoiceOver users. Your reviews are always appreciated, and don't forget to visit the support forum from the settings sheet should you have any questions or need help.


- A link has been added to the the Settings sheet to review the app on the App Store.


- Multiple accessibility issues with VoiceOver text were fixed.
- Navigating through the app now animates properly.
- Fixed a bug on iPhone where leaving the post editor would sometimes send you right back to the editor.

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A Bunch Tell LLC
1.5 MB

Richiede iOS 14.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.



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