Create a custom folder icon

Image2icon makes each one unique.

Image2icon - Make your icons

Folders, Documents and more


Want your favourite folders to stand out in an otherwise identical grid or row? Image2icon lets you make a folder look unique, with words or pictures detailing what’s inside.

Here are the simple steps.

Text or image?

‣ To add an image to a folder, drag a picture to the app’s circular work area.

For text – or even an emoji – click the Aa button. Image2icon lets you customise the typeface, alignment, colour and size.

Use templates and tools to tweak your final design.

Try a template

‣ Every icon starts square, but Image2icon’s templates let you push the boundaries. Opt for an iOS-style icon, go retro with a CD-ROM case or cover the entire folder with a photo using Folder (Full). There are over 20 icons to choose from.

Give it some polish

‣ Click the settings button to zoom, rotate or fine-tune the position of your design horizontally or vertically. If you don’t want a transparent background, click the Background colour swatch and select a colour.

Commit the change

‣ Now just drag a folder (or document) into the Image2icon window to apply your new design to its icon.

Never again will you struggle to find the folder amongst a sea of others.

‣ And don’t worry if you have second thoughts. Click the back-arrow button to reset Image2icon, click the Restore tab, then drag your folder or document into the window to revert to a generic icon.

    Image2icon - Make your icons

    Folders, Documents and more