FlyQ EFB, for both iPad and iPhone, is a top-rated aviation app because it makes your flying easier and safer by thoughtfully integrating powerful features in a way that minimizes the number of screen taps and uses larger fonts to increase readability.  Subscriptions are reasonably priced, starting at just US $69.

The amazing new Visual Logbook and Post Flight Playback / Analysis Graphs add a whole new dimension to your flying. The optional new Floq Network can connect you with your friends to "see" and even replay their flights. Floq can be used by CFI's to track student progress and remotely send endorsements.

The exclusive Augmented Reality (AR) feature provides situational awareness you'd previously only seen in sci-fi movies. 

FlyQ supports more than 20 ADS-B and in-panel devices including the Stratus 3, Avidyne, Dynon, Stratux, Merlin, and more.

Our patent-pending Slingshot wireless ChartData system means FlyQ can supply maps, plates, and apt diagrams wirelessly to certified and experimental systems like the BendixKing xVue Touch and AeroVue Touch.

Other key features include split screen, 3D synthetic vision, flight recorder / playback / export, plates on the map, more than 4,600 airport diagrams, rich Documents support, extended runways, distance measurement, fuel prices, NOTAMS, wind-optimized flight planning, and plates/diagrams for Mexico and Central America.

> Maps Your Way

+ 2D maps, 3D Syn Vis, Augmented Reality
+ Sectionals and IFR charts
+ Photo, road, terrain maps
+ Radar (Static or animated)
+ Satellite
+ Flight Track
+ Fuel prices
+ TFRs
+ Obstacle and terrain avoidance
+ ADS-B traffic
+ Extended runways with right-pattern indicators
+ Procedures on map
+ Rings / Extended Course Line
+ CAP grid
+ Heli and Gulf of Mexico charts
+ Syn Vis includes HITS boxes, EFIS display, TAWS, Obstacles, and AHRS support.

Night Mode preserves your night vision.

Split screen (iPad only) and single screen.

> Procedures

FlyQ includes the same Seattle Avionics geo-referenced approach plates and apt diagrams that we certified for FAA DO-200A compliance with certified avionics from BendixKing and Aspen. Split screen can show a map and a procedure simultaneously. Swipe to switch procedures or tap to list all procedures at an airport. Overlay procedures on a map. Annotate plates and diagrams with colored lines and text.

> Flight Planning That Saves Time and Money

1. Enter a series of indents in the Search box or rubber-band points on the map.

2. For IFR flights, FlyQ automatically looks for and uses recently cleared ATC routes.  

3. Automatically plans fuel stops based on lowest cost and uses expected winds to plot the fastest course, saving time and money on every flight.

4. Choose from 9 Search and Rescue patterns

5. Send/receive flight plans with Dynon SkyView, Avidyne, and Aspen.

6. Practice using X-Plane or MS Flight Sim / Prepar3D

> Weather

FlyQ EFB uses your GPS position to display the current temperature, Nexrad images, METARs/TAFs, and a 7-day forecast. The patent-pending Graphical Wind Optimizer uses red and green bars to show the headwind or tailwind at different altitudes. Also includes a gallery of US and Canadian weather images. Use FlyQ Online for even better weather support.

> Airport Information

FlyQ makes it easy get airport information: Enter an ident in the Search box, double-tap a map, touch any entry in your flight plan, or watch a list of nearby airports that updates as you fly. The Airport screen concisely shows key operational info, sat images, and runway diagrams on a single screen. Weather, approach procedures, A/FD, and FBO info are just a tap away. Now includes more than 4,600 SA Airport Diagrams!

> Data Manager

FlyQ makes it painless to download new data every month: spin and zoom a 3D globe to visually select the states you're interested in.

> Try it before you buy it

Experience everything FlyQ EFB offers with a free 30-day subscription.

What’s New

Version 4.0.1

Rather than add new features, we concentrated on fixing bugs, crashes, and lockups (most not new to 4.0 but long-standing issues) in this release. More than 150 fixes, in fact. Key ones below, more at

FIXED: About 50 crashing and potentially crashing bugs
FIXED: Avidyne: Multiple issues: Sending flight plans from FlyQ -> to the IFD, IFD -> FlyQ, and general connectivity problems.
FIXED: Plans: While offline, edits to flight plans do not save
FIXED: Documents: List is empty if app started while not connected to the Internet
FIXED: Flights: Various problems with + to add a new Flight entry
FIXED: Flights: Manually entered or imported log book entries appear to have the wrong date in Flight Details
FIXED: Slingshot: Inop
FIXED: 3D: "Tape" display for both Alt and GS does not show correct data in some cases
FIXED: iPad Pro 12.9 inch: Various layout and crash issues
FIXED: iPhone: Various layout issues
FIXED: iPhone: Issues selecting and entering Search and Rescue patterns
FIXED: iPhone: Adding a Layover makes it impossible to select items on the bar below the Plan summary area
FIXED: Plans: In Plans/Edit, the + button does not add new line fillers between all existing points
FIXED: Plans: Changing the default Pilot is not reflected when creating a new flight plan
FIXED: Plans: Reversing a flight plan in some cases causes a blank flight plan
FIXED: Plans: Crash when editing the name of an entry in the NavLog if the name is a lat/lon point
FIXED: Plans: Fixes and navaids not properly added to the flight plan when idents are not unique (i.e. same ident used in US and Mexico)
FIXED: Map: Switching from Split to Single screen Landscape may confuse the Map gauge bar in certain cases
FIXED: Map: Map layers do not all properly initialize if turned on when app starts
FIXED: Map: Map orientation may change from North Up if you jump the map to a new position such as an airport
FIXED: Map: 2D Map Layers will not be saved properly if the app closes while in 3D mode
FIXED: Documents: Various problems with adding Documents not in the Library (photos, URLs, etc.)
FIXED: ADS-B: Connecting to a Bluetooth ADS-B receiver does not automatically turn on the Traffic layer
FIXED: ADS-B: Rare case of ADS-B target appearing on the ground when actually in flight
FIXED: Wx: METAR translator does not handle the case of temp w/o dew point and "in the vicinity" correctly
ADDED: Flights: Recorder now remembers the type (SEL, MEL, SES, etc.) of the default aircraft when adding new flight records
ADDED: Flights: Remarks shows full screen details on tap to accommodate long text entries
FIXED: Flights: Multiple problems with Like popup
FIXED: Flights: Various scroll position/sorting problems in the Flights list after an edit or sync
FIXED: Flights: Swiping left on a line item in Data incorrectly shows Delete
FIXED: Flights: Comments and Likes do not always appear
FIXED: Flights: Changing flight date not obvious (is white when should be blue in Edit mode)
FIXED: Flights: Changing flight date does not work all the time
FIXED: Flights: Changed flight date not represented corrected on the flight details page nor sorted correctly in the list
FIXED: Flights: Sizing and cropping a Profile image does not always work correctly
FIXED: Flights: Changes to a Profile image do not always save
FIXED: Airports: Surface wind arrows are not consistently shown using the user’s selected units (i.e. MPH vs Kts)
FIXED: Airports: The “star” (Favorites) icon in Airports is always blue (on) even when not a favorite
ADDED: Settings: New switch to enable/disable showing the "Send to Aspen" option in the NavLog
FIXED: Sim: Turning the Sim off causes a minor UI problem when playing a Flight


Seattle Avionics Inc
281.1 MB

Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.



Age Rating
In-App Purchases
  1. US IFR 1 month upgrade USD 6.99
  2. US IFR 10 month upgrade USD 69.99
  3. US IFR 11 month upgrade USD 74.99


  • Family Sharing

    Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled.

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