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Your entire day-to-day banking needs in one app. Get your free virtual debit card immediately upon opening your account and spend away. Blink will deliver your card to your doorstep for free. Sending and receiving money has never been easier. What more? We’ve made borrowing accessible to everyone, issue your credit card instantly and shop online, it will only take minutes. Your credit card will be issued virtually and also delivered to you for free.

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الإصدار 2.0.7

We heard you and we’re working hard to make Blink better. Enjoy enhancements to our customer experience, refer friends and get rewarded, view card subscriptions, and watch in-app videos. Stay tuned for more to come!

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Mooosez ،


I did not receive a notifications or sms on all income CliQ and Deposit movements in my account this issue was sent before 2 week ago up to now not solve !!!!

whydoigottachooseanickname ،

I cant make an account

I have been trying to make an account for 3 weeks but when they scan the id i swipe and it says the national id number is wrong and i called them about 20 times on 24 separate days telling them about this and they keep asking me what phone im using or is the id cracked or good lighting ive tried on seperate phone i scanned the id in good lighting and when i ask them what to do they tell me theyve erased my details and i can make an account in 24 hours or 1 hour and each time i try it gives me the same error message and when i tell the operator that this keeps happening he or she tells me the same script then try again later they have no answer the customer help has no help

Mmmmm....... ،

Just opened the app since 20 days and debit card didn’t delivered credit card is unavailable , i tried to call support and call center more than hundred time and finally his answer is weird that they are updating because of the app got hacked many times and they are working on it , tell me how are we gonna trust this app or this online bank to deal with our money , hope to find some answers soon .

خصوصية التطبيق

أوضح المطور CAPITAL BANK OF JORDAN، أن ممارسات خصوصية التطبيق قد تتضمن معالجة البيانات على النحو الموضح أدناه. لمزيد من المعلومات، انظر %سياسة خصوصية المطور(ة) سياسة خصوصية المطور.

البيانات المرتبطة بك

قد يتم جمع البيانات التالية وربطها بهويتك:

  • معلومات مالية
  • الموقع
  • معلومات الاتصال
  • محتوى المستخدم
  • المعرفات
  • بيانات الاستخدام
  • معلومات حساسة

البيانات غير المرتبطة بك

قد يتم جمع البيانات التالية على الرغم من عدم ربطها بهويتك:

  • التشخيص

قد تختلف ممارسات الخصوصية بناءً على الميزات التي تستخدمها أو حسب عمرك على سبيل المثال. معرفة المزيد


  • Wallet

    احصل على جميع بطاقات المرور والتذاكر والبطاقات والمزيد في مكان واحد.

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