Lineage 2: Boost your combat power

Make your hero unstoppable with these little-known tricks.

As you carve a path through Lineage 2: Revolution, focus on one constant: Combat Power. The more you have, the mightier you are.

Whether you’re starting this rich role-playing game as a level 1 Dark Elf or a level 180 Orc, these tricks will speed up your progression. Can you join the ranks of the legendary players who have topped a million CP?

Follow these tips and that all-mighty champion could be you!

Early victory

As a new player, you’ll want to use Lineage 2’s auto-questing system to complete the main story and earn the gear pieces necessary to crank up your Combat Power. With the game’s current events, you’ll be able to reach 250,000 CP in your first 15 minutes.

During your first 100 levels, you’ll be prompted to play through a series of tutorials. Though it may be tempting to skip these, don’t: The best way to understand the game’s many complex systems is with this guidance.

Within 15 minutes of creating a new character, you’ll get a full set of SR-Gear with a +20 Enhancement Rating. Good start!

The art of levelling

The easiest way to upgrade your Combat Power is to level up your many pieces of gear. Head to your inventory and tap Level Up on an item to consume Gear Varnish and duplicate pieces of gear to increase your gear level from 1 to 30.

Once you reach level 30 on an SR Grade piece, you can begin the Limit Breaking and Grade UR crafting processes to further enhance your CP. A Limit Break, which requires you to consume a duplicate piece of SR Gear, lets you raise your maximum gear level from 30 to 40.

Each Limit Break raises your level by 2, and once you do one, you must spend additional resources to elevate your gear to the new max level.

At level 17, you can begin defeating specific monsters to earn Monster Cores. Visit the Monster Codex to register these for a CP boost.

Once you finish Limit Breaking, you’re ready to upgrade your gear from SR to UR Grade. This process is pretty easy, but you need dedication to acquire all the materials for each recipe. To fast-track the UR crafting process, complete your Daily Dungeons every day, salvage duplicate pieces of gear for scraps, and join a clan so you can purchase Ripped Recipe Fragments.

Want more materials to upgrade your gear? Spend red diamonds on Daily Dungeon recharges.

You’re tougher together

Clans are a great way to team up with thousands of other players who can help you in your quest to become Aden’s mightiest hero. By tackling Clan Dungeons with your newfound friends, you’ll unlock rare skills that ratchet up your Combat Power. Still not happy with your CP?

Be sure to collect Enhance Scrolls and Maphr’s Protection to enhance your gear to +30. Then, at level 60, head into the Summit Circle Dungeon and earn materials to upgrade your mounts.

Don’t forget: By partying up with four other players in the Temporal Rift, you can earn valuable materials to upgrade your cloak. Keep at it and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a level 320 powerhouse!

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